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Dixie's Pals for Pugs

Golda Vargo

You've seen my daughter and grandbabies. They are quite famous as KPR had a webcam on them the past few months. Yes, Sassie was my daughter and I am pleased that she and all of my cute, chubby grandpuppies have been adopted. What a success story! Now I am hoping it is my turn. Everyone commented on her excellent mothering skills, which she got from me.

My name is Dixie (# 910) and my entire family was surrendered to KPR when a breeder went out of business. I might be around 8 years old, but you wouldn't know it by my energy level. I can keep up with you on your walks and quite enjoy a leisurely stroll in the cooler mornings and evenings. I get along great with others and best of all, I am housebroken. I am really no trouble at all and would be a good girl, but don't take my word for it...here is what my foster family has to say about me.

Dixie is a sweet, gentle soul that would make a perfect pet for any family. A great companion that enjoys being petted, she is a gentle and kind-hearted pug. All we can hope for is someone to reciprocate the affection she doles out. Dixie is a gem!


Artie (#927)

Artie (#927) is a 2 year old fawn pug. Artie has a very big heart. He doesn't bother anything and he is housebroken. He loves other animals and kids, and Artie loves to play with any kind of "pink" toys. Artie is a lucky little boy who has found a loving forever home and a new sibling named Edward.


Current photo:

Puppy photos:


Edward (# 827) just turned one in January. This little guy is full of energy and he is incredibly fast. He doesn't know he is handicap and so he needs a human that doesn't notice either. Truly the only thing that holds him back is his inability to climb stairs. He is potty trained, crated trained, and plays with his furry sisters and human kids. This lovable pug is the best snuggler and the children in the home fight over who gets to sleep with him at night.

Edward is a true victim of Puppy Mills.  He suffers from Dysplastic Elbows. He is unable to bear weight on his front legs. After being rescued by KPR, Edward did have corrective surgery for this condition, however it did not work as well as we had hoped. Edward now uses a cart to help him get around.  It enables him to see the world from an "upright" position, to build strength in his hind legs and live a bit more of a normal life.

Edward's Pals for Pugs!


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James Huffman

Hooch (# 764) is an 8 yr old teeny pug weighing in around 12 lbs. and is a spunky monkey. She loves to run around in the yard and just as quickly turn into a cuddle bug. She loves nothing better than to curl up on your lap or crawl under the covers and snuggle close to your side. She's adapted very well to living with a herd of pugs and has never shown aggression towards any of her pug brothers and sisters. Like all pugs she loves her food and treats. Because she could not tolerate anesthesia she was unable to be spayed so she will need a vigilant forever home to protect her from intact male dogs. She's completely house trained and has never had an accident inside. If you're looking for a loving snuggle bug then Hooch is your pug!

This very handsome and distinguished pug is “Teddy” #926 named after Theodore Roosevelt. He is a 3 year old fawn male with a wonderful disposition. He loves to sit beside you and he craves attention.

Teddy spent the first part of his life in a wire cage at a puppy mill and lost one of his eyes to a bulldog. He loves to play with his stuffed animals and the other dogs in the home. He just ignores cats. He doesn’t like his crate, but that is probably because he always had to live in one before. His foster family just gives him the run of the house and he doesn’t have any accidents so he is a good boy and is potty trained. He makes a cozy bed buddy and sleeps in one spot all night. He does require drops in his eye once a day, but this is really no big deal at all. It takes no more time than giving out a treat.

Is there room in your life for a precious little boy that is calm and laid back?



Jemima's Pals for Pugs

Mary Allen
 Laura Abrams
Friends& Family of
Lindsay and Will



Jemima (# 395) is a true KPR success story. Just look at her now!

This once frail little pug is now living the good life. She is getting lots of love and attention in her foster home and has made many new friends. Her foster mom and Uncle Mike are spoiling her rotten, but sadly this isn’t always how life was for Jemima.

A severely malnourished 9 lb Jemima wandered into a Good Samaritan's yard during a snowstorm. Riddled with intestinal worms, pneumonia, ear mites, infections in both ears, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease it isn’t any wonder that the vet gave such a grim prognosis. The vet wasn’t sure she would make it, but this little pug wasn’t giving up and neither was her foster mom. Jemima was slowly nursed back to health and thanks to this foster mom’s love and attention that pitiful 9 lb pug is now a healthy 19 lbs..

Jemima is such a sweet pug. She is estimated to be around 8 to 9 years old. She loves to lie at your feet or beside you. She also loves her crate and will go in it by herself to nap during the day. She sleeps well in it at night, but prefers to sleep in the warm bed curled up next to her foster mom. This is allowed whenever it storms because Jemima is terrified of storms. She has puggy panic attacks! She knows when a storm is coming even before her foster mom does, but her foster mom holds her, loves her, and reassures her that everything will be okay.

She gets along great with kids, other dogs, and totally ignores cats. She is housebroken, but every once in a while she may have an “accident” and pee on a puppy pad. She’s a good dog that is potty trained and knows better than to pee on the floor, but she is on medicine that makes her urinate more frequently so her foster mom does leave out puppy pads when she isn’t home just in case. Jemima will use the puppy pads rather than the floor if she cannot hold it. Jemima takes Lasix daily for her COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), and this daily treatment costs approximately .20 cents a pill or between $5 & $10 a month (depending on the vet)…basically the cost is about the same as the Heartguard or Frontline that you give your pet each month.

Jemima is a little treasure and whoever adopts her will be very fortunate.


Wanna play fetch?

Lincoln # 923 is an energetic and playful pug with a lot of puppy left in him (possibly around 1 year old). His favorite thing to do is play "fetch". He is good with children and people of all ages. He loves other dogs and cats.

Lincoln was named after Abraham Lincoln because he is long-legged and quite skinny. He also has a very expressive face. While still quite young, he is already housebroken and crate trained. It appears he had a pretty rough life prior to being rescued because he was underweight and had some fur missing on his back when he came to KPR. No one is sure why or what he must have endured. He can become anxious about being left alone and will cry, which is probably why his fosters recommend that he find a forever home with another furry friend. He enjoys the company of others and will not stop playing with the other pug in his foster home so we know he would make a wonderful playmate for a family searching for a companion for their own pet.

Visit my Photo Page!

Buster (# 783) (AKA Crazy Legs) is a very good 2 year old boy. He has a very sweet disposition and gets along great with other dogs (including annoying young dogs that want to play a lot). Buster is sometimes called “Crazy Legs” because when you scratch his back, he loses all control of his hind legs and they just go wild! He does seem to have some separation issues when he is crated and there is often a mess when you get home. However, that is pretty much his only flaw. He had surgery on his eye in December 2008 and requires eye drops in each eye in the morning and in the evening. However, he is VERY good about his eye drops and really looks forward to the treat he gets afterwards! Sometimes he even walks on his hind legs to get a treat!

Dally (# 771) is such a loveable little guy. He is EXTREMELY affectionate with everyone he meets. He and his foster brother get along very well. Dally, 8 months old, loves to be the instigator and get his brother to play with him whether he wants to or not! Dally is potty-trained (almost) and has learned to sit. We are teaching him to walk on a leash, but he wants none of it. He doesn't like his collar or the leash. Dally loves to be carried around like a baby and sleeps in bed with his foster parents. He's a definite cuddler!

Maddie’s (# 871) foster family said she is a perfect lady that will go to the door and scratch to let you know she needs to go out. She gets along great with the other dogs in the home and doesn’t bother the cats. She does like to guard her food a little. She loves the human children in the home and is very sweet to everyone she meets. She does get a little nippy and mouthy when playing with humans, but it is not out of meanness at all and is just normal dog play and she is still very young.

Maddie is just under 2 years old. She is already potty trained and crate trained. She doesn’t like to be restrained at all so going to the vet can be an ordeal, but fortunately that doesn’t have to occur very often.

Is your family ready for a sweet, playful pug like Maddie?

Baby Mae (#780)

Baby Mae (#780)
Baby Mae (# 780) is a 7 1/2 year old pug that gets along great with cats and small children.  She never meets a stranger.  She is housebroken and used to sleeping in a human bed.  She lived most of her life with someone that is deaf so she isn't very good with verbal commands.  Her foster parents have been working with her on clicker and treat training and she has responded well to this.  Apparently she was given table food in her past.  She is a bit overweight and likes to beg for food.  This has improved, but she does forget her manners sometimes.  She would do best in a home without stairs.  She doesn't jump up on furniture or beds.  She treasures being outdoors and enjoys short walks.    

She loves to be in your lap and snuggle.  It is her favorite time of day and she cannot wait for you to sit down so she can be picked up and cuddled.  She is a very sweet girl and has stolen the hearts of many during the past few months in KPR. 
Pepper Ann (#1023)

Pepper Ann (#1023)
Pepper Ann (#1023)
Pepper Ann (#1023) is a ‘spicy’ little 7 month old girl that will completely win over your heart when you meet her. She was named "Pepper" because she has a cute little attitude. When told no, she obeys but sits back and gives you a few of her tiny little barks like she's talking back! And at play time she chases her foster friends around, pouncing like a cat. Her middle name "Ann" is for her sweet cuddly loving side.
Pepper Ann is definitely a special ball of joy who remarkably, at her age, follows commands such as "sit, get out of the kitchen, go to your room & in to your kennel" and what makes this all seem even more amazing is that Pepper Ann has been completely blind from birth! Pepper is exceptionally
perceptive with all her other senses, she doesn't miss a beat. When she learns your patterns such as her eating times, her potty times, your resting/tv time, she will be there waiting on you! Her lack of vision does cause her to be a little nervous in noisy crowds. In those situations, she will normally go to her room for safety. Pepper will go outside to potty; however, she is afraid of going down stairs. We believe that her fear of stairs will ease as she gets bigger and learns her environment. This amazing little gal is waiting to fill your hearts and home with all kinds of love!

Ozzie (# 1030) and Sunnie (# 1031) are a pair of male pugs. Ozzie is a 7 year old fawn male that is sweeter than sweet. Ozzie is a good-natured, calm, quiet, well behaved pug that loves to sit in your lap. He weighs about 24 pounds and has a clean bill of health. Sunnie is a 9 year old black male pug that also weighs around 24 pounds. In his younger days, Sunnie was shown at dog shows. His foster mom says that he is the most "ideal" conformation wise of any pug she’s fostered. These pugs have always been well taken care of and are in rescue because their owner passed away suddenly. Anyone who adopts these two boys will be getting two wonderful dogs.




Jake (#942) is a 1.5 year old Puggle (pug/beagle mix) who's only goal is to be with his people! He and his sister came up for adoption when their owner had to go into assisted living for terminal brain cancer and needed homes as soon as possible. With his sister settled, it's Jake's turn to come home! He is very energetic and loves to play but his absolute favorite time of the whole day is to snuggle under a warm blanket with his family on the couch. He is housebroken but since he was still recently neutered and he is with 2 other dogs in his foster family, he's still getting his marking under control. He sits on command, will stay until you tell him it's ok to eat and knows when you want him to get off the chair or the couch. Jake will get in his crate when he's told and sleep there all night. He is a natural sibling with and eagerly packs up with other dogs of all sizes and likes cats. Jake absolutely loves people and he's ready to have a permanent family of his own.





Frank (#940) is a brawny boy that likes to play with his toys and pug roommate, but his favorite thing to do is to go for walks! He loves long walks and to people watch as we are outside. He is a sweet snuggler and hops up and down when it is treat time. He is naturally curious and a good listener and never has accidents in the house. He is a sweet boy just looking to be loved. He came into KPR when his owner developed an allergy to him.


Ottie # 789 is a very healthy, fabulous 8 year old pug. His foster family said that this is one fantastic pug because he is so laid back and friendly. He’s fit right in with the other dogs in the foster home and with the children. He loves to be cuddled and loves his toys. Because the foster family works from home there are clients in and out of the house each day, but this sweet pug never meets a stranger and greets them all with a smile and wagging curly tail. Ottie is being free fed with the other pugs and then goes to the dog park to run and keep off the extra weight. After some fun at the dog park Ottie can be found sitting on the couch watching TV. If you are looking for a sweet, cuddly companion then you just found him.


I’m Gizmo # 788 and  I am around 4 or 5 years old.  I’m a very sweet and laid-back kind of guy. I prefer being an only four-legged child. I get very territorial with my home and my owners. I’m potty trained and mind very well. Of course, when other things can be played with (other dogs not living in my house and cats), I get very excited and whine when I can‘t play. I don’t get into fights or initiate them, I’m timid in that way, but I will bark at things that I’m unsure of or feel will put my mommy or daddy in danger. Most of the time I bark when I’m ready to go outside or will sit by the door, but I will go potty inside if you won’t let me go out. I‘ve only had one accident in the past month and a half though. My foster mommy had to leave for more the six hours and I didn‘t like that very much. She didn‘t get mad though, she knew it was something I couldn‘t help. But I wouldn‘t dare mark in my house. I love to mark everything I can outside though and I need to walk around a little bit before I can have a bowel movement, but not too far. You’ll notice my little “pooh, pooh” dance. I don‘t “talk“ much. I rarely bark when my owner’s around, but of course I whine for a little while when you leave me home alone. I love to cuddle and get loving. Sometimes I have “little pitty pet me paws” when I need more loving. I love meaty treats and knuckle bones. I definitely am a sleep-in-bed with you kind of guy. I can envision myself being a companion to an older person or couple, although I do very well with ALL children. I love being rubbed by anyone, no matter what their size. I no longer need a leash when I walk with my foster mommy, but she tries to keep me unaware of other four-legged friends. I LOVE to play with friends and new friends. In my house, I don‘t really play much. Like I said, I’m a very laid-back kind of guy. EVERYONE I’ve met absolutely loves me! My foster mommy has to explain to me that just because I see someone, doesn’t mean I need to be loved on by them.

Maxwell's Pals for Pugs

Golda Vargo

Maxwell (# 737) is smart, active, and curious. His energy level is that of a puppy, but he is 9 years old (birthday is 11-21-00). This is one happy boy! He runs and plays with the other pug in the home and is the life of the party. He likes to play outside and just enjoys himself whatever he is doing. Recently he has taken to golf. His barking at golfers in the yard (his foster family lives on the 1st hole of a golf course!) and barking at the Golf Channel finally caught the attention of his foster dad. Since he has expressed an interest in golf he has been taken out on the golf course for a few holes. This playful pug also loves taking walks, playing tug of war, and chasing a ball. When it is time to come inside then he will tuck his tail and pout. He is the sweetest, funniest little guy.

This pug has been spoiled all his life and has had everything, yet he is very low maintenance and well behaved. He doesn’t like a plastic enclosed crate, but seems to really like a wire crate. In fact, he will even open the crate door on his own to go in and sleep or curl up inside it when his foster is ready to leave for work. He is no trouble at all. Maxwell is very loving and will get up in your lap and give kisses. He also loves to sleep cuddled up next to you or he’s content to just spend the night in the crate. He is very easy going. He minds well and gets along with others, including kids, dogs, and cats.

Maxwell is a handsome, physically fit pug that just makes you feel happy & loved. He gives lots of kisses and greets everyone he meets with his wagging double curled tail. You’ll find that this good natured pug will fit right into your home like he has been there all along.


Sisco (#949)

Sisco (#949) is a 7 year old neutered male who loves to cuddle in your lap and watch TV, going for car rides and getting belly rubs. He is housebroken and loves his crate even sleeping in it if a spot on the couch isn't available.


Daisy (# 734) is a happy 6 year old fawn pug that has been described as a “spunky little ball of energy.” She is potty trained and low maintenance. All she wants is to be petted and loved.

Nate #1048
Say hello to Nate (#1048), a five year old male pug. Nate wound up in KPR foster care after his people dropped him off at the local animal shelter. Little is known about his life prior to KPR, but what we do know is that Nate is one sweet and lovable dog. Nate has really opened up since arriving at his foster home. He is completely housebroken, has a sweet disposition, is extremely gentle, almost unflappable, and very lovable and huggable. And if that wasn’t enough, Nate loves to sit in your lap or play with a tennis ball. Nate would fit in well in almost any home – he doesn’t have any problems with other dogs, has ignored the cats and is good with children of all ages.
Nate really loves his people and is never far from his favorite person. He does suffer dry eye and needs daily treatments of an over the counter eye drop. Nate takes his treatments well and is really a great little dog. If you would like to make Nate part of your family, please fill  out an application today! 

Owen (#935)
Owen (# 935) is one sweet boy!  He is believed to be 4 or 5 years old.  He was on death row at a rural shelter with one day left to live when he was rescued.  He had a bad case of demodex and was very thin.  He just adores people and other dogs.  He loves to ride and go for walks.  He has the cutest little pink mouth.  He likes stuffed animals and treats.  He doesn't like a crate but will snuggle next to you and not move until morning.  He is very loving and gentle.


Pals for Pugs!

Lawrence Doty

Ping #1041 Ping (#1041) is an 8 year old black male pug that was surrendered to the local animal control because his family was moving. Ping’s foster mom says he is an absolutely perfect pug – he is well behaved and quiet. He is also housebroken, loving and affectionate. Ping loves to cuddle every chance he gets. Don’t miss the chance to make this perfect pug part of your family!


Meet Lola ( #1064) and Bear (#1065), a pair of bonded pugs that are truly best pals.

Lola is 5 years old and is good with other dogs, cats and children. She loves to curl up in your lap, and is sweet and affectionate. Lola walks well on the leash. She can be a little protective of her food with other dogs, but does not guard from people. Lola's tongue is extra long and always hangs out of her mouth. She doesn't seem to be bothered by this, and it just makes her extra cute and special!

Bear is about 4 years old. He is also good with other dogs, cats and children. Bear is an active boy that loves to play inside or out. He also walks well on the leash. Bear is a big boy--tall and thin with a beautiful Pug face full of wrinkles. He is a sweet and affectionate boy that follows his foster mom everywhere.

Bear and Lola sleep together in their crate at night and are always together during the day. The love to play tug of war with each other. Please consider adopting this pair of pugs. Pugs are like potato chips – you can’t have just one!


Meet Jaida (#1014), a sweet, spunky, little gal only weighing about 17 pounds. Jaida is a Schnauzer/Pug mix that is just as cute as can be. Her age is estimated at about 3 or 4. Since coming to KPR, Jaida has really blossomed from being skinny and frightened to a happy, loving, playful, joyful sweetheart. Jaida’s foster mom says that she is house-trained for the most part if you keep her on a regular schedule. While Jaida is still somewhat ‘shy’ in public, she is a loving, sweet companion at home. Jaida gets along with every dog that she’s come in contact with, loves to play with kids and does not chase cats.

We know that if someone will look beyond the fact that she only has three legs [that one leg missing does not slow her down one bit, she thinks she is just like every other dog that has all four legs] and looks more like a Schnauzer than a Pug, they will love her as much as her foster home does.

Holly (# 763) is a beautiful, sweet, loving little pug that is approximately 4-5 years old. She is known in her foster home as the “Ninja Pug” because she blends into the furniture! A bit of a loner, Holly does fine with other dogs, but would do just as well in a home as an “only child". Holly is a little bit of a "low rider" since she is shorter then the average pug. She is housebroken and is very cooperative about going outside even in bad weather to do her business. Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Holly is on two medications that she will require the rest of her life to manage the condition. Additionally, Holly has one back leg slightly longer then the other. While this does not cause her any pain, it does make her seem unsteady on her feet at times. Holly is an unassuming little girl and wants nothing more than to be loved. She loves to lay right by you and is quite affectionate and willing to give you all the kisses you handle! If you can find it in your heart to welcome Holly into your family, the love she gives you in return will be more then you could have ever imagined.

Angel (#962) is a 5 year old black female described as  the ideal pug. She crates well and gets along great with bigger dogs. She prefers to be right next to the closest available lap and follows her foster dad around the house wherever he goes. I think she would do great with kids; she's sturdy and healthy and likes to play. She has shown no aggressive tendencies whatsoever. Angel sleeps the whole night through. She's also fairly well house trained but you have to pay attention to her signals that she wants outside. She doesn't seem to be a picky eater. An ideal pug who would make a great addition to any household.


Sergio (#950) is an adorable 16 month old neutered male who needs a loving home. He is kennel trained and is working on house training. He is working on a few behaviors which are the result of being neglected as a young pup. He is responding well to lots of love and affection and will make a loving companion for an understanding family. He is very cuddly and loves to curl up on your lap for naps. You will fall in love with his toothy grin. He would be best in a home with no other male dogs and small children since he still has a lot of puppy energy. Are you the gentle loving home this boy needs?



Cleo (# 891) is a petite 4 year old bundle of love with one giant personality! She loves to takes naps in her foster mom’s lap and can snore with the big dogs. Cleo has some vision problems, but that doesn’t slow her down much. When she’s outside, she will follow either the humans or her canine foster friends very closely. While Cleo doesn’t play with toys, she does love to snack of chunks of peeled apple and yogurt and will dance at your feet when she gets excited. Cleo’s foster mom sums her personality up as follows: “Cleo is so full of love, I believe she thinks she will bust at the seams if she doesn't give some away!” All in all, we think that Cleo will make a great addition to any family.

As hard as it is to imagine, Tinkerbelle (#1077) was turned in to animal control by her former owner. Tinkerbelle is still a puppy, at less than a year old. She is quite a little diva already that loves to play all day long. Tinkerbelle also likes to take a quick nap on your lap. Her foster mom says she insists on being with you and is a delightful and cuddly little girl. This little girl will make someone a wonderful friend!


Penny # 933 and Popper # 934 were born on July 9, 2003, and just celebrated their seventh birthdays! Their owner went through some bad times, and could no longer take care of them. They are the best of buddies, always sleep together and play together. They are true “Velcro” dogs, just wanting to be close to their people. They are very playful and mind well, are housebroken, neutered/spayed, and don’t mind being in their crate (together, of course!) but they prefer to be with their people. They ride well in the car and love to “go”. They get along well with other dogs, cats and love meeting new people. Their favorite treats are “Pupperonis” and they’ll practically dance for one. They are a truly bonded pair and must be adopted together.


Diego (#1080) just celebrated his 3rd birthday on February 25th. His foster home describes him as a “Velcro pug” that loves to cling onto anyone who wants to hold him and cuddle. Diego loves all people and loves to sit in your lap or very close to you. Diego has been brought up to date on all shots and is neutered. All Diego really needs is to have that special, loving permanent home.

Gracie (#1079) will turn 4 years old on March 12th. She is a very sweet, loving, cuddly “teddy bear” pug. Gracie is completely housebroken and gets along great with children, other dogs and ferrets. After spending the day playing with her foster brothers and sisters, this little lady likes to end the day snoozing in bed with her foster parents. Don’t delay in filling out an application on Gracie, she won’t be in foster care long!



Lazarus Updated!

Meet Lazarus (#1052) found on a driveway, it was assumed he was dead...showing no signs of Life..Animal Control was contacted. Upon arrival, Lazarus let them know he was not gone!  He was taken to a Vet right away. Flea infected...dirt encrusted they could not even tell what color he was.  A couple of baths some Capstar, Frontline, Food, IV hydration and TLC got him thru the night.  Weighing only 13 pounds and Heartworm Positive, Lazarus has a long road of recovery ahead of him.

Update on Lazarus! As of October 26th, Lazarus weighs 19.4 Pounds! He is still fighting a stubborn UTI and is still anemic. Additionally, he has been treated for 3 parasites now!  He is currently taking antibiotics for the UTI and will continue to receive cooked beef liver along with his regular food.  Lazarus is doing well in his foster home where is Foster Mom has even taught him to sit on command for a treat! Considering he was literally starved when he came into the Rescue and would devour any and all food put in front of him with NO ability to wait patiently.. this speaks highly of how far he has come and how much he trusts his Foster Mom and Dad! Once medically cleared from the UTI and anemia, Lazarus will undergo heartworm treatment.  Please check back for updates on Lazarus! KPR thanks you for your continued support of Lazarus and his medical care.
Please consider donating to KPR for his care!

Update 1/6/11: Lazarus has finally met his target weight - 22.4 pounds!  His tail is nice and fluffy, and he finally shows some personality.  When he gets really happy, he'll wag his tail so hard his whole body moves, and he practically falls over.  When he gets really excited, he'll spin wildly in circles.  He loves to chew on Flossies, play with stuffed animals (especially the silky ones with appendages), and steal his foster brother's sock monkey bed.  Laz has not only learned how to sit nicely for a treat, but he'll go over to where the treats are kept and sit and look up at you expectedly.

Lazarus has been neutered, is no longer anemic (he misses the liver and beans!) and has started heartworm treatment.  So far his heartworm treatment is going really well, but he doesn't like being contained or kept quiet/calm.  Laz has a long road to recovery still but has made remarkable progress thus far. 

Pals for Pugs!

Stacy Walker
Jeri Nice 
Connie, Rocky & Natasha Milosevich
Barbara McDonald 
Brenda Bailey 
Nicole Caprino 
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Baxter (#961) is one of the six senior garage pugs. Baxter and his five pug friends were living in a 3-sided garage with only two space heaters to keep them warm all winter. Luckily KPR was contacted and these six sweeties are all in foster homes getting the love and attention they have missed out on for many years! Baxter is a small boy, weighing less than 15 pounds, and is between 12 and 13 years old. He is blind from prolonged untreated dry eye and requires eye drops twice a day, but that does not keep him from exploring and being part of the family. Since Baxter does not have any teeth he eats soft food and treats. Baxter is a very gentle soul that has been in good spirits since coming into his foster home. He likes to explore his new home, mastering the layout of several rooms and the back yard in no time! Since Baxter and his pals lived in a cage in a garage with only one potty break a day, they are having to re-learn where it’s ok to relieve themselves. Baxter is making great progress in housetraining and is enjoying life outside of a cage in his new retirement home.


Max (#1071) is a very sweet 3 year old fawn boy who loves his people but can be a little protective around other dogs. He is definitely an alpha male. His current foster says he is good around older kids, cats and adults. He is crate trained and mostly housebroken. He loves to go on car rides and knows his leash manners. This poor guy was a stray before coming into rescue so we are still learning about him but he seems to be domesticating well except for forgetting his manners around other dogs. Do you have room in your home for a sweet young pug that needs a forever home and some stability? If so Max may be a good fit for your family.


James Dean (#952) He is a  sweet little puppy who loves to play and cuddle and is so happy to have found a forever home.



Otis' Pals for Pugs

Lisa Gettis
Andrea Franklins
Holly Sanders
Phillip Horvath
Steven Prewitt
Jacqueline Jezek
Tracy Miller
Nan Korczyk
Dobbs Craft
Derby Bash
Shelly Stein
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Lyna Pena

Otis (# 715) is an 11 year old gentleman that likes to spend his time close to people snoozing on a pillow. He loves to goes outside and sniff around. He will even go out in the rain! At night he sleeps beside his foster parent's bed on a pillow. He just wants a little bit of attention, snooze time, and meals. He likes to savor each bite and will finish his meals slowly throughout the day. When you give him a bath the puppy in him comes out and he will try to eat the towel that you use to dry him.

Otis would make anyone a wonderful companion because he is so sweet and good natured. He is absolutely crazy about kids and loves to give them kisses. Can you give this senior pug a place to rest his paws?


Charlie (# 857) is an 8-year-old fawn male who likes to watch tv and snuggle with his foster parents. Charlie entered foster care because his family was too busy to care for him and they wanted him to get the attention he deserves. His foster home reports that he is good with children, other dogs and cats. Charlie needs to have his ears checked daily to avoid infection. His foster home keeps his ears clean by using ear wash and medicated drops. When Charlie came into KPR, he was seen by a vet and had some much-needed dental care taken care of. During his dental cleaning, Charlie lost a majority of his teeth and may possibly need intermittent antibiotics. Charlie likes short walks and has mild arthritis in his front legs. Charlie has a crate and is 100% potty trained. He follows a feeding and potty schedule, which has helped in reducing his weight. Charlie sleeps with his foster parents and enjoys being with them all of the time. Charlie would love to find a quiet forever home where he can be the center of attention.
Meet Zoe (# 666), a fun loving 8-year old fawn pug. She loves to play with her foster canine brothers and sister. Zoe also gets along well with children and is playful -- you’d never guess she’s a middle-aged pug. She is housebroken and is ready to move into your home.
Hi my name is Molly (#1020) and I’m 8 years old. When the nice people at KPR took me to the vet, they found out that I have a heart condition. This means that I need to be on low blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. My foster mom says that I am doing really well on my new medicine. I hope that you can overlook this small infirmity because I am such a lovable and sweet girl. I really like to be on the couch with my foster mom and dad. I get along with other dogs and I don’t have any problems with cats. I sure hope that you’ll consider giving me a forever home.
Meet Honey (#1055), mother to the Peanuts Gang! Honey is about 5 years old and her foster mom describes her as the sweetest, softest, petite pug. Honey came to KPR very pregnant, after having been discarded by a breeder. Honey gave birth to her last litter of pups, the Peanuts Gang, and is now enjoying a life of leisure. She loves to cuddle, is learning how to play and really likes treats. Honey continues to make progress with housebreaking and is crate trained.
Sable #1016 Sable (#1016) is a six year old male pug. Sadly, Sable’s owner was placed in a nursing home facility and Sable was left homeless. The good news is that Sable is with KPR now and he will be able to find a new, forever home.

Sable had to re-learn some of his manners as his former owner wasn’t able to physically take care of him towards the end. Sable’s foster home says that he is mostly housebroken and that he gets along well with most other dogs and really likes people. 
Sadie (#1085) is a very special little girl. Sadie is a 2 year old ‘Bug’, a Boston Terrier/Pug cross. This little 17 pound girl was dumped off at a shelter and left to die, but the shelter staff thought Sadie was so special they turned her over to KPR. Sadie is completely housebroken and always comes when you call her name. Her foster family says this brindle girl is one of the sweetest little dogs to ever come into their pack, quickly adapting to her new foster family and things like crate training. Although, she loves those nights she gets to sleep in the big bed along with one or two members of her foster family!

Sadie is a playful and loving pup. She loves to run with her foster brother, playing games of you can't catch me. Sadie loves nothing more than sitting in your lap and letting you scratch her behind her ears. She tries to never be too far from her new people's side. Sadie sits on command, especially if there is a treat involved. Pleasing her people is very important to this little girl, so she should be easy to teach any number of tricks.
Peanut (#1089) is a brindle colored Bug (Boston Terrier and Pug mix) who is about 2-3 years of age and weighs 16 pounds. He is very playful and fun-loving and gets along great with other dogs, kids of all ages, and cats. Peanut is crate trained and housetrained, but he might have the occasional accident if his foster waits too long to let him out. He likes to play with toys and the other dogs till he exhausts himself, then he'll just take a long nap on the couch. Peanut was picked up as a stray so we don't know much about his past, but his foster family says he is just a great all-round little guy who would make a super pet for anyone.


Sally's Pals for Pugs

Holden Lawson's
Lemonade Stand


Sally (# 1007) is a quiet, dainty little 9 year old girl with a precious personality! She is happy, happy, happy - whether its riding in the car with you, taking a walk (and she stays right by you) or snuggling. Sally is also content snoozing in her bed or yours or following you through the house. Even though Sally only has one eye due to an injury years ago, she is not slowed down at all by it. Sally is a low maintenance type of gal and a great joy to have around! She gets along beautifully with all members of the family - both two and four legged - and has a ton of love for everyone.
Meet Stella (# 813), a 12 year old Bug (Pug / Boston Terrier mix). Unfortunately Stella is a product of the bad economy. Fortunately, her owner’s vet knew about KPR and now she’s got a new lease on life. Stella has been in her foster home for almost a year now and is enjoying being pampered. Stella loves to spend her days curled up sleeping, but she also likes to run outside with the other foster dogs. She gets along with other dogs as long as they give her the space that she needs (and they don’t try to take her favorite bone from her). Stella leaves the foster cats alone and is just a laid back kind of gal. We’re hoping that her forever home is just around the corner, but until that time, she will continue to be spoiled by her foster parents.

Have you ever seen a more adorable pair of pugs? Lily (#1201) and Lucy (#1200) are a bonded pair looking for that special home to love them forever. Both girls are very well behaved, house broken, and crate trained. However, they are much happier when cuddling in the recliner or bed with their humans. They play well with dogs of all sizes and don't bother the foster home’s cats at all. In fact, these two have no aggression issues of any kind. Their foster mom describes them as perfect little angels.


Lily is a 2 year old black beauty weighing in at a petite 13.8 pounds. Her companion Lucy is a fawn female weighing in at 18 pounds. These two girls are small but are packed full of love and kisses.


Nono (aka Momo) #1018 is a 2 year old male pug that loves everyone. He is a Velcro-dog and likes to be where you are. If you don’t see Nono, if you turn around you’re sure to find him! Nono loves to play and is a non-aggressive, friendly boy. He is deaf, but is responsible to body language and could be easily trained to follow hand signals. Nono loves to be held like a baby and cuddled and is housebroken. He gets along with his foster brothers and sisters. Nono is a smart, good-natured, lovable young pug. Don’t miss your chance to add this sweet boy to your home!
Pugsley # 787 is good with human kids and kids with fur. He is not a barker, but will throw in his 2 cents every now and then. He doesn’t mind being crated at all, which is good because he is still working on proper bathroom behavior. Overall he does well pottying outside and just needs some reinforcement. He does not enjoy a bath, but does love to be brushed. He is a great pug that loves attention. He is believed to be somewhere around the age of 2 years old.
Freedom (#970) is a black male pug housebroken and in good health. He is only 3.5 yrs old and a big suggler. He gets along with everyone and is wondering why his former family gave to the the shelter. Thankfully KPR was contacted and now he has a second chance. If you are looking for a young energetic friendly dog who also loves snuggle time, Freedom is the dog for you
Scrappy ( # 707) is a 6 ½ year old energetic pug that enjoys being on the go. He loves car rides! He also takes 2-3 walks a day and still has energy to play with his foster family. He chews on stuffed animals, enjoys treats, and loves peanut butter.

This curious, intelligent, and sweet boy has an expressive face that melts your heart. He is housebroken. He does very well with children. He is interested in cats to the point that he will go smell them and then just go on about his merry way. He doesn't pay much attention to dogs either. His foster parents have been teaching him commands. Scrappy is not a lap dog & doesn’t need to sleep in bed with you. He’s content to sit at your feet or by your chair, as long as he’s close. Like most pugs he loves to sleep, but he doesn’t snore very loud. Scrappy does have ongoing allergies.

If you are looking for a traveling companion, then Scrappy has his bags packed and is ready to join you.
Muffin #974 is a 7 month old fawn female who is full of energy loving and sweet. She loves toys especially stuffed ones and gets along with other dogs. Her foster parents say she has been the best houseguest since they got her and would make a fantastic addition to any family.

Mercy (#971) This tiny little Senior Pug (13-14 years old) was dumped off at a shelter by a breeder who no longer found her worthy. She has been severely neglected!  She is very underweight, has ear mites, a growth on her leg that has

been rubbed raw , several infected teeth that will need to be removed once she has stabilized and has arthritis to the point where you hear her bones "crack" when she is picked up. This lovely older lady is now safe in the arms of a Loving KPR Foster Home. She is currently at the Vet's having additional tests done to rule out any other major health issues.  She has a long road to travel to reach a healthy state but she can do it with your support! If you would like to contribute to Miss Mercy please click

Update 4/11/11: 

Mercy Update! Little Mercy is doing very well in her foster home. Slowly but surely she is gaining weight, playing with some toys, and learning how to be loved again! She still has a quite a road to full recovery but she is making progress!

Mercy's Pugs Pals for Pugs

Laura Northwood Boudreau

Iola Breakwell

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Ruby [#1096] is a beautiful 5 year old black female pug that needs to find a home where she is the queen of the castle. Ruby is not only housebroken, but she is also crate trained, knows a few tricks, is a good watch dog and is the world’s best lap dog. While Ruby loves her human companions, she is not fond of other animals and for that reason; she will be placed in a forever home where she can be the only pet. Small children also make Ruby nervous. Ruby is a total people pleaser that likes to get ‘dressed up and go out’. All she’s looking for now is a home where she can be top dog. In return, she will spoil you with love and affection.
Jasper (#954) is a fun loving and very wonderful little guy.  He's about 2 years old and acts like it!  He is always ready to play and very willing to please.  He knows outside, sit, come, down(off), go lay down, toy and every Pug's favorite command..  Treat! We are working on the commands "leave it" and "drop it" at the moment.  He wants to be by your side every minute of the day.  He socializes with other pugs, male and female, very well.  He tends to be very excited to see anyone, especially new "friends".  He can be very pushy with wanting attention and we are working on waiting and calming down before he is allowed to go visit them.  He is well crate trained and goes there on his own to chill out or rest when asked to not be on the couch. He is wonderfully house trained also. He goes out either in a fenced yard or on a leash and does his business quickly.  Jasper is very good with both my children and has never offered to snap or bite them ever.
Marilyn (# 872) is a 4 year old fawn female pug/boston terrier mix [“bug”] that came to KPR from a kill shelter that was running out of space. During Marilyn’s vet exam it was discovered that she had heartworms. Marilyn has responded very well to her heartworm treatments with no complications. Her foster home says she is as sweet as they come and they think she is so cute when she sticks her tongue out just a bit. She is crate trained and housebroken. Marilyn is blind in her right eye, but can see just fine out of the other eye. Marilyn has made a lot of new friends attending KPR events. We just know this sweetie will find her forever home soon. She will make a great addition to any family.
Murphy (# 774) is 5 year old who has lost his left eye and requires drops twice daily to his right eye. He gets along very well with his foster brother and sisters. He mostly ignores the cat. He is still occasionally having accidents but I think that it is mostly related to rain and snow. It took him about a week to learn to jump on and off the couch. He loves to sit on the couch with the other animals, but he prefers a lap to nap on. He is not sitting on command as of yet. He barks at strangers but it is a little bark. He is still a little “shy” about some things. He does walk on a leash. He is small but sooo cute.
Sadler (#1054) is around 7 or 8 years old and came to KPR from a local shelter that picked him up as a stray. When Sadler arrived in his foster home, he was coughing. Since he stayed at the shelter briefly, it was thought that he picked up kennel cough. Sadly, Sadler tested heartworm positive. Thanks to KPR, Sadler received heartworm treatment and has recovered completely. Sadler loves to be with people and curls up on a lap whenever he can. If he’s not in your lap, he’s following you throughout the house, even “helping out” in the kitchen! Sadler gets along with other dogs and does not bother cats. He loves kids and is housebroken. Sadler’s foster parents will keep him in an inside pen while they are gone and he gets to share their bed at night. He’s done wonderfully in his foster home and now ready to be your new best friend.
Parker (#972) is an approximately 7 year old pug that is playful, friendly and lovable with lots of personality. He is a big snuggler. He loves to lay next to you while you watch tv or read. He will bring you his toy for a quick game of fetch. He travels well and is good with both cats and dogs. He walks well on a leash. He is housebroken and knows and few commands and could easily learn more. He would do well a home with or without other furbabies. He has excellent manners and knows that he will get a treat in return!
Jack (#1062) is a 15-pound cuddle bug that is approximately 7 years old. He is housebroken and enjoys sleeping in bed (under the covers) with his foster parents and foster canine friends. Jack likes to sit on the back of the couch to look out the window and will announce to his foster siblings when his foster parents are pulling up in the driveway so everyone can be ready to greet them at the door. When he’s not hanging out on the couch, Jack likes to play with plush toys and loves to go for walks. Due to Jack’s previous history with seizures, he will take Phenobarbital for the rest of his life. Phenobarbital is an inexpensive and easy to use drug that will give Jack the quality of life he deserves.
Ginger #1203

Ginger is about 5yrs. She came from a backyard breeder. We think she is a pug-chihuahua mix. She's petite. Very sweet. Loves to run and play but also loves to take naps. She likes toys, bones, treats, and her foster brothers and sister. However, she has no problem putting her foster brother in his place when he gets a little too bossy.  She is very velcro. Loves to be with you no matter what you are doing. She is housebroken and crate trained. Fully vetted.
Lola  (#781)is a one-year old Bugg (boston terrier / pug mix). She is very spoiled and loves being on the couch beside her foster mom while watching TV or reading. She loves to be close to her people and will often sleep in her foster mom's lap. If there's something interesting on TV, Lola will very intently watch the show!

She is good with other dogs, and with people, and she is working on not jumping waist-high in happiness when people come in. She loves her Nyla bones, but will share. She has no food aggression whatsoever, but she DOES love her treats. She is housebroken and crate trained.

She usually sleeps with her foster mom, but occasionally will sleep in the loveseat at the foot of the bed with her cousin, Lizzie the Boston Terrier.
Cosmo (#1095) is an adorable Pug Mix Puppy!!! we believe his Daddy was a Pugzhu (Pug/Shihtzu mix) and we know his Mama is a full blooded Pug. Born on March 31, Cosmo is full of energy and love! 
Good things come in the tiniest packages!! Here is Quincy (#1093)! the runt of Megan's litter, Quincy is such a doll! His soulful eyes will just melt your heart! Born on March 31st, we think this little man is a Pugzhu (a Pug Shihtzu mix). His Mama is a full blooded Pug and it is our belief his Daddy was a Pugzhu.  Quincy has alot of love to share!
Miss Mackenzie (#1091) is a precious little girl looking for her Forever Home! Born on March 31, we believe Mack is a Pugzhu (Pug Shihtzu mix). Her Mama is a full blooded Pug and we think her Daddy was a Pugzhu. Mack is energetic and happy and loves to give kisses!
Miss Mable(#1090) is Mableicious!!!! she  LOVES to give Kisses!
We believe Mable's litter is Pug mixed with Shihtzu! also known as Pugzus! Mable is entertaining and a ball of energy!


Meet Baby Tucker(1094)! Born on March 31st we believe Tucker is a Pugzhu!  His Mama is a full blooded Pug and we think his Daddy was a Pugzhu. Tucker is very small and full of a lot of spirit!  He thinks he is a real "tough guy"!
Buster (# 490)  is approximately 5-6 years old. Buster was homeless, found wandering the Indiana Toll Road. He was picked up by some kind people and surrendered to KPR. He was very thin and in very bad shape.  Buster's eyes were a mess, and he ended up having both removed as they were damaged beyond repair and causing him extreme pain.

After coming to KPR, Buster became severely ill and was treated for Pneumonia, as well as other health issues.  Buster has been at home now and is doing quite well. He is playing with his Foster Brothers and Sisters, eating well, and feeling quite sassy!!  Thank you so much for all your support during Buster's Medical Crisis.

Buster's Pals for Pugs!


Jenna Martin
Jaqueline Vorapong Sutanont & Pukkho

Kelly Jeffrey
Momo & Coco
Christy Scheider
Kristen Hanna
Cynthia Meyersburg
Bobby Riley
Erica White
Christine Shestak
Camille, Spanky & Little Ollie
Melissa, Monty & Diego Pug
Nathan Reynolds
Melissa Levinsky
Cheryl Doty
Frankey Christiansen and Maxine & Harley
Carl Helman
Marianne Broughton
Karen Davis

Natalia Encabo Campos
Eric & Heather Graybill
Kendra, Lucky & Reggie Gonzalez
Lisa Bennett
Deborah Williamson
Stacy Walker
Kristen Fleming
Linda Van Duzer
William & Diane Lindsey
Jennifer Webb
Donald Aaron
Clark Sigmund
Sandra Ferguson
Allison Gast
David Slaughter
Mary Walker
Julie Holding
Sarah Strain
Alicia Clifton
Amanda Hinkle


John John (# 740) is a macho man. He protects you from shadows and ominous pictures of cats hanging on the walls. He is good with children, but only tolerates cats, even in photos. He gets along great with other dogs and would be a wonderful companion for someone that wants a friend for their pug.

This healthy 25 lb pug is not a fussy eater. He is 7 years old. He recently received a dental so he could show off his pearly whites to his new family. He is crate trained and housebroken, but his foster family has put down potty pads for him to use when he could not go outside.

Johnny is a lap dog when invited; otherwise he is perfectly happy sleeping quietly on the floor. Is there room for him on your couch next to you and your pug?
Introducing the The Curious Mr. Max(#973).  Max is a 2 year old Puggle that was not really socialized by his initial owner.  However since his surrender to KPR, he has done very well.  He is kennel trained and house broken.  He knows a few tricks, absolutely loves playing with his toys, and loves to go for walks or car rides.  He loves to play with his foster brother and sister, but he just ignores cats.  He is full of energy and is a very playful little puggle.  He will let you know when he is hungry or wants to play.  He is a little timid when he first arrives in a new place and will require a little patience, but he quickly adapts to his new surroundings.  He has a fantastic personality once he gets used to his new home and all the new things that are going on.  I think Max would make an excellent addition to any home.
Napoleon (#1059) is a 6-month old pug puppy that was born blind. Napoleon had kind of a rough start to life - his owners took him and his siblings away from their mom at just a few days old to go on a road trip to show off the new pups. Most of Napoleon's siblings passed away during the trip, but the spirited Napoleon was a fighter and survived the ordeal. Even though he can't see, Napoleon has still learned to navigate his way around his foster home, get up on the furniture, and even do some stairs. Napoleon loves to play with his foster brothers and sister, loves his treats, and he likes a little dab of cottage cheese in his kibble. He is more or less potty trained, some days more, some days less, but he is a puppy after all and he will let you know when he needs to go. If he gets lost, or doesn't know where he is, he sits and waits for someone to find him. Sometimes he gets frustrated when he doesn't know what is happening, and he will be vocal about it. The amazing thing about dogs like Napoleon, is that dogs use their sight sense third, after their nose and ears, so being blind is ok, because his other two senses work just fine. Napoleon has never known anything different and is quite an amazing little pug.
Buster (#1038) Buster (#1038) is a remarkable sweet little 10 year old guy. Buster is on the smaller side, weighing about 18 pounds and is housebroken. Thanks to KPR, Buster got some much-needed medical care. Buster does have some vision impairment, but you won’t even notice. He is blind in his left eye, has partial vision in his right eye and has a loss of hearing, all of which are a function of the natural aging process. Buster will require daily eye drops for his dry eye, but that’s a piece of cake! His foster family says that Buster is a lap dog and he loves sleeping in the bed with them at night. He gets along well with the other pugs in the house. Like most pugs he loves his food and treats! Please consider this wonderful little senior guy and give him the loving forever home that he deserves.

Pictured here is Stewie (#1206). He is a super, loving, and compassionate pug. Stewie is approximately 6 years old and would love to finally find his forever home. He gets along wonderful with kids, other dogs, and ferrets. Stewie is housetrained. He is a very quiet pug, but as soon as you sit down he is all over you just wanting love and attention.  Stewie sleeps in his foster parents’ bed as well as on his Green couch bed (pictured above). If you can find it in your heart to give this loving pug a forever home, he will return the love and much more to you.

Honey (#1013) is a 4 year old Bug (Boston Terrier/Pug mix). Honey’s foster mom says that she is very loveable and likes to lounge on the couch and follow her around the house. She likes other dogs but is sometimes touchy with other dogs getting in her personal space. Honey doesn’t mind cats and loves to play with toys. She is housebroken and is ready for her new home.
Bo (#975) is a 2yr old black pug, with a tongue that goes on for miles! Full of energy as any two year old should be he loves to be around people and wants to be the center of attention especially if he can be in your lap. Bo loves to play with toys, and he likes to get baths. This smart little man is housebroken and knows basic commands already like sit and come here.  The only thing that could make Bo even  happier is to have a forever home. Are you that family he wants to be a part of?

Zoe and Beamer (#1072 and #1073) are a bonded pair of 7 ½ year old pugs that were given up due to family allergies. Zoe and Beamer could adapt easily into any family situation. They are both very submissive pugs - all you need to do is reach to pet them and they roll on their back for a belly rub. They love children and get along very well with their hyper foster pug brother.

They have unique preferences when it comes to sleeping. Beamer likes to sleep at the foot of the human bed and Zoe jumps off and sleeps under the bed. They are crate trained, potty trained and very treat motivated. But what pug isn’t? Zoe and Beamer prefer to be crated together, or they will cry.

They spent their entire life together and need to be adopted as a pair. These two have so much love to give, please take an opportunity to meet them. We know that it will be love at first sight.

Oscar #958 is one of the garage pugs that was rescued in January.  He is about 10 years old. He is a sweet cuddlebug and loves to be by his people all the time! He gets along with other dogs and is a very low key dog. He is crate trained but not housebroken due to being kenneled almost his whole life. He will wear a belly band for you though. He is deaf and mostly blind but that doesnt seem to stop him at all.

Hi! I'm Milo (#966). I'm 6 years old. I LOVE to cuddle. I need a little bit every day, but don't worry, I'll let you know by saddling up next to you. I enjoy being outside. I'm very observant and just like to sit outside in the shade and be curious. I do pretty well on a leash, except for when I see another four legged friend because I want to play with them. I spend my day just laying around. I go to work with my foster mommy and just sit behind her in her work chair all day. I love watching tv, too! I sit by the door when I need to go potty, but I also can use a puppy pad if I need to. My foster mommy has some laying around the house just in case. I'd prefer to be an only child, only because I LOVE all the attention I can get. You'll have to meet me and see how I play, when I do play. My foster mommy says it's hilarious!
Ralphie (#938) Ralphie (# 938) is also known as "baby".  His foster family calls him "baby" because he is still very much a puppy.  He will turn 2 in November.  He doesn't bother anything in the house...not even the cats.  He loves to run and play with his foster brothers and go for walks.  He also enjoys toys.  He doesn't mind his crate, but he is so good that he is sleeping in the bed next to the humans.  His foster family says that he doesn't move all through the night until the alarm goes off in the morning.  Unlike most pugs, he chews very slow and savors every little bite.  He had a few accidents in the house at first, but now goes out on a regular basis with his foster brothers and sister.  Sometimes he even goes to the door by himself!  He is on phenobarbitol for seizures and hasn't had one seizure since his medication was modified.  This medicine is very cheap.   

Ralphie is just one fun, lovable, cute pup!  Anyone would be lucky to have him as part of their family.
Introducing Ning (#1219), a 6 year old fawn female pug. Prior to coming to KPR, Ning was used as a breeder. Since being in foster care for a month, Ning has been living a life of leisure. Her foster home says that Ning is a very happy, energetic, calm and cheerful pug. She loves adults, animals and children equally. Ning walks great on a leash and has not had any housebreaking issues. Her foster mom says that Ning can brighten up your gloomy day just by looking into her soulful eyes! This sweet girl’s only mission in life is to love and be loved.
Hi, my name is Pugsy (#1221) and I am a 7 year old fawn male pug. I am housebroken, crate trained and pretty active. I love getting lots of attention and will lay on the floor by my people when they aren’t on the move. When you go to work, I lay by the back door waiting for you to come home so we can have some fun. My foster mom says that I am very loveable and I really like to be brushed. Please consider giving me a forever home.
Butch (#466) came to KPR as an owner surrender from the local humane society and is estimated to be 9-10 years old. This spunky boy is housebroken and crate trained. Butch is a very snuggly boy that loves in sleep in, take afternoon naps, give lots of kisses and he is also very handsome. While Butch loves his adult owners, he has shown aggressive tendencies towards small children, strangers, cats and other small animals. Due to this, we are looking to place Butch into a home where he can be the only pet and with older children that know boundaries. Butch walks well on a leash, but really needs someone to help him with proper socialization before he can attend public events. While this may sound like a lot of effort, you will be rewarded with a best friend that loves you unconditionally.
Meet Trooper (# 900), a neutered male estimated to be between 6-9 years old. We don’t have a lot of information on Trooper’s past; except that when he came into the rescue he was heartworm positive, had a hernia and had a poor coat. He came through his heartworm treatments and hernia repair like a “trooper” and his fur has completely grown back. Trooper is learning to walk on a leash and is enjoying being in foster care. He has a reserved nature and doesn’t play a lot, but he does like to chew on the occasional cow hoof. Trooper is curious about the cats in his foster home, but he doesn’t bark at or chase them. Trooper does well with his house training if he’s kept on a routine schedule. This sweet little guy is hoping that you can provide him the love and stability that he’s looking for.


Lucy's Pals for Pugs!

Edward Shertz
Nathan & Tami Hoy


My name is Lucy (# 402) and I am ten years old. I am looking for someone who can give me lots of love and time to sleep. I love going for car rides and sticking my tongue out at people. Due to my age my hips give me problems but my medication helps with that so I can get around easier. Just to warn you, I love it when you say the word, "treat." I would do very well in a home with older kids and I get along great with other dogs, but prefer ones that will let me sleep and roam without being pestered. If you are looking for a dog to love a be a great companion, I am the dog for you!
Ruby (#1228) is one of six pugs that came to KPR from a retiring puppymill. Although Ruby came from a puppymill and had limited human contact, she is just as sweet as can be and has a wonderful disposition. Ruby is 6 years old, loves kids as well as other dogs [foster home does not have cats]. When Ruby arrived in her foster home, she was frightened of her new surroundings. Now that she’s getting accustomed to what it feels like to be part of a family, she’s calmed down and is a “big sweet goof, with lots of energy and enthusiasm”. Ruby is crated, but seems to do better when she is crated with another dog. Ruby has turned out to be your typical velcro pug, following her foster mom around the house. When Ruby isn’t following her foster mom, you can usually find her in a big pug pile. Ruby has done really well with housebreaking, but doesn’t yet know how to walk on a leash. All she really wants is to please her people and get loved on, and that’s not too much to ask.
Meet Trooper (# 900), a neutered male estimated to be between 6-9 years old. We don’t have a lot of information on Trooper’s past; except that when he came into the rescue he was heartworm positive, had a hernia and had a poor coat. He came through his heartworm treatments and hernia repair like a “trooper” and his fur has completely grown back. Trooper is learning to walk on a leash and is enjoying being in foster care. He has a reserved nature and doesn’t play a lot, but he does like to chew on the occasional cow hoof. Trooper is curious about the cats in his foster home, but he doesn’t bark at or chase them. Trooper does well with his house training if he’s kept on a routine schedule. This sweet little guy is hoping that you can provide him the love and stability that he’s looking for.
Hi, my name is Pugsy (#1221) and I am a 7 year old fawn male pug. I am housebroken, crate trained and pretty active. I love getting lots of attention and will lay on the floor by my people when they aren’t on the move. When you go to work, I lay by the back door waiting for you to come home so we can have some fun. My foster mom says that I am very loveable and I really like to be brushed. Please consider giving me a forever home.
Phoenix (# 863)
Phoenix is a neutered male that turned 4 in April of 2009. He has all his records and is registered with the American Canine Association. Phoenix loves to go on walks with other dogs and also gets excited when he sees the leash. He likes to curl up with his foster brothers and sisters to take naps and loves to play tug of war with any toy he can find. As soon as he sees a human, he goes and fetches a stuffed toy to give to you so you can hold it while he shakes and pulls it as hard as he can. Phoenix also likes you to throw his stuffed toys so he can play fetch. He knows how to shake hands and is very obedient as well. Phoenix is potty trained as well as crate trained. He is very sweet and gets along with other dogs. He has not been around young children, but because of his nature he should be fine. He doesn't show any aggressive behavior.
Minnie-Me (#1053) is a perfect 10 for anyone looking for a senior girl! Ten year old Minnie is completely housebroken and crate trained. She gets along with dogs of all sizes and is totally unimpressed by the cats. Minnie loves attention and if she isn't in your lap getting tummy rubs, she is asleep on the arm of your chair. Minnie-Me is a real gem and would make a great addition to any family.
Baby Ruth (#1246) is just as sweet as her namesake. She is estimated to be about 8 years old, but looks and acts much younger. Baby Ruth came to KPR after she was relinquished to a local animal shelter. Baby Ruth is now enjoying life outside of the shelter, playing with her foster canine pals and charming her foster parents with her sweet personality. Baby Ruth has beautiful coloring and the cutest face. She does have limited vision, but that is compensated with an acute sense of hearing. Baby Ruth is housebroken, responds to verbal commands, and would be a perfect addition to any home. A little bit of love can go a long way - help Baby Ruth find her forever home.
Toby #982 is a sweet 3 year old pug who loves people and animals. He loves to play outside and go for walks, even spinning in circles when his harness shows up! He gets along with other dogs and cats as long as they don't try to get his food. Cat toys are more fun for him then dog toys so as long as your cat doesn't mind sharing, he will entertain you with his playful antics! He has no known health issues and other then a little bit of marking is housebroken. He is a complete people dog and always wants to be by his people.
Ben is a 9 week old little ball of fun !! he loves to explore all around and has begun going potty outside. He's black with a little santa beard on his chinny chin chin!!  He love to sleep on the back of your neck and he loves to go bye byes so he can ride on the back of your neck and look out the window...he loves his little blue puppy couch, where he takes all the toys that he decides are his... everyone who has met him has fallen hard for this black little ball of love.
Stella #986 is a 9 week old pug mix. She is a little fireball with a huge personality. Stella is definitely a people's dog. She loves to be the center of attention. Her favorite hobby is nibbling toes. She also enjoys a good belly rub and playing with her feline sisters. She is doing great with house training and is taking well to crate training. We are confident that she will make the perfect addition to the right family.

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