Pugsley, Buster, and Chloe live in Fairmount, Indiana, with the Lamb family. Here they are looking cute in their KPR bandanas, given to them by their pug pals, Gidget & Spanky.

Chloe was adopted through the Marion-Grant County Humane Society. Before she found a forever home, her former owner kicked her, which resulted in the paralysis in the back end. This same former owner took her to the Humane Society to be euthanized after they couldn't pay for her medical care or attend to her needs. One of the humane society's board members took her into foster care and got her the medical care she needed. The county newspaper ran a feature article on her and that's how the Lambs heard about her. After meeting with the foster parents, they brought Chloe home on an initial trial basis and fell in love with her. Chloe now has a "happily ever after" and two pug brothers to play with!

Below ~ Just Chloe


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