My husband and I were privileged enough to adopt Linus in 2012. It was a difficult process because Linus has had past aggression toward other dogs. And since we had 2 dogs at the time, we didn't seem to be a good fit in the eyes of the adoption team. However, my husband was adamant that we were meant to adopt Linus. He saw his picture on the website and immediately felt a connection.

There was an event in Waukesha Wi where we live and one of the gentlemen in charge saw us there with our dogs and pushed to let us have temporary placement of Linus. He has not left our side since. He is a joy everyday, including all his little quirky ways. One of our dogs moved with our daughter so he is left with just our sheltie. He has made such great progress. He still picks fights if he is crabby, but he is happy and enjoying his new life with us.

Pugs are the sweetest dogs I have ever seen. Linus is no exception, he is cuddly, possessive, playful, and the most adorable creature ever. We are so grateful the rescue people were willing to give us a chance. Linus had a hard life on his journey to us. Now he can grow old in a happy place with owners who love him.

Thank you Kentuckiana pug rescue.

John and Kristie Lilteich



Kentuckiana Pug Rescue PO Box 2773 Indianapolis, IN 46206 877-784-7988