Chloe will be 2 years old on January 25, 2007. She is considered a teacup pug. She had a smaller face and is a fine lap dog. Chloe jumps in my lap every time I sit down. I have two other girls, Daisy is a 12 year old pug and Dolly is a 6 year old pug. They are kinda over weight. I like to say plus size so I won't hurt their feelings. Chloe looks like a puppy beside them. Chloe now sleeps with Dolly. I put Chloe's bed beside Dolly's because she would lay on top of Dolly. Dolly has never had a baby, so I think Dolly considers Chloe her baby. I took Chloe to the vet to be checked and my husband said the whole time I was gone that Dolly sat by the door and watched and cried. As soon as I came back with Chloe Dolly licked her all over and they were so happy to see each other. Chloe loves to play with Dolly. They have toys that pull on and when Dolly doesn't pay attention to her, Chloe grabs her tail and pulls. Daisy likes to watch but never wants to play. Daisy is their Grandma. Chloe loves her new home. She gets along with other pugs better than little children. I have had no problem with kids that come here. I think it is because she sees what my girls do and she follows what they do. It works out better for everyone. Chloe is happy to be with other dogs and the other dogs get more exercise and maybe lose some weight. My family and I love having a younger dog that is so happy to see us when we get home. She is like getting a puppy that is already potty trained and she fell right in our routine. I have went on too long about my wonderful pugs, but I'm a proud mommy!

Love my pugs ~ Pat, John, Kristen and Bryan Watson


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