Id like to share the Story of Oscar, our angel.
Oscar came to live with us in 2008 after we answered an ad in the newspaper where we live. It said we have found a Pug in our yard, and have tried for a while to find his owner, we think he was dumped.
So we went right away and brought him home to live with us and our Rat Terrier Morgan and Black Lab Gus, both rescues. They became best friends.
Oscar lived with us for two wonderful years, and had a wonderful life with us. He brought so much joy, happiness and oh the laughter to our home! I would wake up sleeping, and he would be laying in the crook of my arm snoring so loud that he woke me up. He loved to sneak a bite of ice cream and always loved a good car ride!  He was covered with dermadex mange when we got him, and was bloody raw. We did what we could to help him, and the sores healed.
He loved to swim and play. Oscar was a wonderful dog, so awesome.
Sadness...April 3rd, 2010
We went to church on Good Friday for communion and he ran out the door as he was going to go with us, or so he thought! Daddy grabbed him and put him back inside and we left. Two hours later we came home and our little baby did not greet us at the door. We knew right away something was wrong. We looked all over the house, and my husband found him under our bed. He was a very sick boy. We rushed him to the vet. Sadly during the night his heart failed and he flew away to rainbow bridge. He was 9 years old. We were so heart broken. Especially little Morgan. For a few nights he would sit by me on the bed at night, and would cry for his brother. It was so hard for him, for all of us.
  They say another mans trash is another mans treasure.  Someone threw this baby out...and he was our treasure!
Thank you, Melissa
Bluffton, Indiana




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