Belar's Pals for Pugs!

Edward Shertz
Nathan & Tami Hoy
Tammy Dunker

Belar came to my home two years ago as part of a bonded pair. She was believed to be around ten years old. I always called her baby because she was such a sweet gentle lady. When she moved in she decided that the back of the sofa was the place to be and she made herself a nest up there. She only left her nest for essentials like eating, drinking, or going outside. She would simply sit and watch the world go by. Sometimes she would bark, if she thought something important was happening. I wish she could have just passed away on her favorite place, but unfortunately she stopped eating, developed a fever and had to go to the hospital. September 21st, 2009 she passed away. The doctor said she had been perkier in the morning, but suddenly she just quit. I will miss her terribly. The sofa will never seem right without her on it.


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