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Brady was a five week old Pug Puppy that came from a breeder who was unable to continue paying for his ongoing medical care.  Brady's Mama Pug stopped nursing her litter and Brady developed an upper respiratory infection that became severe. He was limp, relatively lifeless, and in clear respiratory distress when we rescued him.  Doctor's stated he was "at death's doorstep". But, he was a fighter and there was hope!

On July 8, 2008 things were not as well as KPR had hoped they would be. Over that weekend, Brady seemed to be making some headway...he was sitting up, standing up, eating on his own, and playing a little bit.  However, he lost that gained ground, had 2 seizures, and had to go back to "dropper feedings". He was eating it well, and holding it down, but he was just not thriving as we had hoped by now. The Vet, KPR and Brady did NOT GIVE UP!!! We wanted to do everything possible to give this guy a chance at a "normal" puppyhood.

Sadly, on July 9, 2008, Baby Brady lost his hard fought battle to live and has gone to the Bridge. Thank you for all the prayers and support you have shown this last week for little Brady Pug.




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