3.29.2005 - 1.15.2010

Brent Black was the most amazing dog we have ever, and will ever, know. We adopted him from KPR in May of 2007- his past (prior to being taken in by KPR), was fuzzy and likely involved abuse. Brent had one eye and was completely blind. However, you would never had known he had a "handicap," as he was boisterous, smart, and very active. Brent fell in love with us as much as we did with him, and it was obvious that he was fiercely attached to those who loved him. And frankly, everyone loved him. This pug was something special, in an indefinable way. Nothing that could be written about him could convey the spirit of life that Brent possessed.

He was diagnosed with stage 3 mast cell tumors in early July 2009. He had been limping for a few days and his arm was swollen...we suspected injury or arthritis, but never a deadly tumor. The diagnosis was devastating, and we knew we would do everything to keep Brent with us as long as possible, and to keep his quality of life the same for as long as possible. The specialist gave him two months to live. Brent took his chemotherapy like a champion, never lost his zest for life (or for treats!), and wagged his little curly tail at the sound of our voices up to the bitter end. He out-kicked his coverage by 60% and lived 4 months longer than his doctor thought he would. Brent got to see Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and even New Year's with us, for all of which we are eternally grateful. On January 15, 2010, Brent let us know he was finally ready to rest, and we let him go peacefully to the rainbow bridge. And while our family has loved many dogs (mostly pugs), cats, and small animals over the years, Brent Black will forever be the standard by which we judge a "perfect pet." He will be loved forever, and although our time with him was much too brief, the day we adopted him and brought him home will always shine as a bright spot in our lives. RIP, Butterpie, and thank you.



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