My husband Chris and I have been married almost 2 years. When we were first dating I bought my husband a pug as a gift. I had a hard time finding him and to be honest I wasn't all that happy. I wasn't an animal person at all, but my husband wanted a pug so badly I decided to give him one as a gift. When we found a breeder I took my husband to pick out his new little buddy. He picked out a chubby, healthy male pug who we named Buddha.

Buddha soon came to be my best little friend. I had never had a special pet before myself so I grew attached to him and saw him as our small child. Buddha loved to be cuddled, walked and he loved to swim! One of the best days we spent with Buddha was the day we took him to Big Rock in Cherokee Park. He dove right into the water as my husband and I rolled on the ground with laughter. It is one of the best days I've ever had in my life.

When Buddha was about a year and a half old things were super. My husband and I got married that spring and Buddha was in our wedding, which took place at where else...big Rock. Buddha sat quietly with an Easter egg bandana on...We got married the day before Easter and we have wonderful pictures of us holding our sweet angel boy.

A few months later tragedy found our little family. One day while I was feeding Buddha he started acting very strange. I thought he was choking so I screamed for my husband. About that time Buddha fell at my feet. I was hysterical. Tears blurred my vision as we rushed to the car. When I look back at those few moments I wish I had just held Buddha closely and told him how much I loved him. We rushed about 3 blocks to St Matthews Animal Clinic. I ran inside with Buddha lying in my arms and the doctor immediately took him. It only took about a minute for the doctor to come back...Our little friend was gone.

I can never explain the pain my husband and I felt that day... For me it was so hard to have never felt such a bond and then to have it broken. The doctor said Buddha had eaten his food too fast causing a buildup of gasses in his tummy which they called torsion. The one thing they said is that his death was quick and mostly pain free.

For us his death has been anything but pain free. I am still very sad when I see his pictures and think of him. I have never had such a wonderful sweet friend. This winter we bought our first home and we have a special place for Buddha's picture and ashes. We will never forget our sweet friend.

We hope to have another pug someday... As my husband and I drive through town and see other pugs we smile and laugh and realize as people how lucky we are to have such wonderful animals in our lives. If you are a pug owner or any animal owner...take a look at your pet and give them a big hug and a nice pet. Let your pet know how much you care for them. They let us know everyday. For our Buddha I hope he is playing with all of the other darling pugs in puppy heaven.

We have recently found a new puggy friend to share our new home with. Our new little girl is adopted from KPR pug rescue and her name is Violet. She makes both my husband and I so happy. We don't quite know what we did before her. Violet is a very special little girl...She is missing her front leg, (Shhh..dont tell her!) She doesn't seem to notice. Violet has become our sweet furry pug child and we are so pleased to have her.

Thanks Ky Pug Rescue!
Christopher, Nicole, And Violet Watson



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