It is with great sadness that I am writing this dedication for "Cash" aka "Doug the Pug." Cash's mom Mary called me last night to let me know Cash got into a whole bag of chocolate chips while they were out. Soon after they returned and found out what he had done, they rushed him to the vet, he had already started to show neurological problems. He had several seizures over 2 days and went into a coma. After talking to the vet and seeing him in that condition, they had no choice but to have make the horrible decision to put him at peace. Mary and Bill are devastated. I was his foster mom for 6 months, and wanted to write the dedication.

Cash brought so much love and affection to me and then Mary and Bill. He was grouchy at times, and loved to bully strangers by growling and snarling at them, but he was all bark and no bite. I always said he had a right to be grouchy with the condition I got him in. He was unconditionally loyal, and needy to the point that you couldn't even go to the bathroom by yourself! Mary told me last night there is just a huge void in her house with out him.

Cash had a rough life for the first 5 years of his life, but the last year
and a half he was loved very much, I feel at peace knowing he died knowing he was truly loved. Cash will be missed!!

We love you Cash!

Kristy, John, Justin, Jessica, Pugsley, and Mattie


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