It was a Friday night as I anxiously awaited my home visit from Marla Wade January 7th, 2005. I just somehow happened upon the website for KPR as I have always loved puggies, and upon browsing the pugs available for adoption, there was my boy. His story said he was 12 at the time, and at first that scared me, but when he and Marla arrived at my home that evening I was in love. I felt so badly for Marla as Clifford was one of her first placements and it was bittersweet for her. She adored Clifford. He came with his favorite bed, although I found every doggie bed that followed to be his favorite bed as long as it was in the same room I was, and his favorite baby. He would suckle his baby to sleep at night, or sometimes at nap time. He was such a happy doggie. That Mother's Day, we made a tape and he sent it to his Mommy Marla. Last year, he began to have a hard time descending the stairs, though he remained active otherwise. He also lost his hearing. I moved to a 1 level condo and he did better, though he began falling when he would attempt to use his doggie stairs into and out of the bed. I began to notice that the arthritis in his back was worsening. He had a visible hump along his spine and when he would stand, he would keep his little mushroom head down. He then began having a difficult time standing up, especially after naptime or sleeping. Then the worst, loss of appetite. Clifford always loved dinnertime. He used to come racing including a turn-about and knew exactly what times he would eat. Appetite loss for a puggy is a definite indicator of how they are feeling, and clearly he was not well. The vet said that his heart and lungs sounded good, but his arthritis was so bad, despite the Deramaxx and Cosequin he was taking daily...if I was lucky enough to get it in him before Kramer snarfed up what remained of his food. He was staying strong for his mommy because I always had a hard time imaging my life without my dearest boy. I couldn't make him stay strong anymore, he was tired. On Friday February 8, 2008 I had him put to rest. He is no longer in pain and I am sure he is romping around waiting for the day our family will be again together. I have to believe that we will be. I miss him so much and it hurts so badly. I keep remembering that bittersweet moment as I held him in my arms and watched him meet peace. Sweet for him, bitter for me. He looked so peaceful. I held him and spoke to him, assuring him that I loved him very much for about 5 minutes and they took him, placed him in a box with his favorite baby, and off to Flanner & Buchanon we went. I had him cremated there with his baby. He came back to me in a beautiful box, with some of his hair, 2 paw prints, and his certificate of cremation.
He was with me for 3 years after that Friday in January. I was a joy being with him, loving and cherishing, laughing at his cute little habits and expressions. Every pug lover should adopt a senior puggy at least once, they bring such joy and love to our hearts. Clifford was very loved, not only by me, but also by his best puggy friend Kramer, and his feline friends Mamacita and Baxter. He will be forever in my heart and soul, forever. We would like to thank Marla at KPR, the organization, Dr. Henry's office, and Flanner & Buchanon for helping Clifford throughout his life and during his departure.

Leslie and Kramer Rodgers




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