Danny Moose may technically have never found his forever home (he remained in foster care for the 16 months he was with KPR); but he will remain forever in my heart. Despite arriving at KPR blind, with pneumonia, with severe heart enlargement, a thyroid level that barely registered on the scale, and of course, the rocks in his belly, he was the kindest and most gentle of souls. He was the "tortoise", always slow but steady (I called it being on "Danny Time" as you could never, ever be in a hurry with him), and he always thrilled to have you with him. He was a teacher of patience, of gentleness, of appreciating the too few and fleeting moments of the smile on his face or his tail wagging. But I know he found joy with KPR, from the time when he arrived and would sleep virtually around the clock in his most precious bed that he loved to wrestle with, to the time when his hearing returned and he would so delight in hearing his name called. But in the end it wasn't his spirit that failed him, it was simply his body. He was put to sleep in my arms in October 2006. And while not always easy, it was an honor, a privilege, and a joy that he was a part of my life and that of KPR's.

Susan Radtke


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