I am totally heartbroken. My precious Darlin' died. This is what happened and please tell others so it doesn't happen to other pugs.  A program my son attends was having a "Family Day". I'd been planning on attending for two weeks. I arranged for a sitter to stay with my 19 month old baby girl while I was gone. The sitter had the baby in her highchair, feeding her a peanut butter sandwich, cut into small pieces. The baby, now old enough to pay real attention to the dogs, throws them food constantly and I'm always grabbing food off the floor before the dogs grab it and run. This morning I failed to warn the sitter of the baby's habit and to watch what the dogs grab. Long story short, the baby threw down a piece of peanut butter sandwich. Darlin grabbed it, ran behind the couch with it and choked to death before anyone knew it. My husband came in shortly after that, heartbroken, and cleared the sandwich from her passage-way, and even attempted CPR. The baby-sitter was hysterical and then I came in and became hysterical. It was a very sad day.

Darlin' was the greatest, sweetest, most loving dog. I loved her so much. She was my little shadow, and spent every moment by my side and slept between my husband and I. We will miss her so bad. Please tell everyone to watch toddlers with their food, because even a piece small enough for a toddler may not be small enough for a pug not to choke on.

12-6-07: Here is a picture of Darlin', We have so many, but tried to find one of just her. Today has really been the first day we could look at pictures of her without crying. A friend told me, as I was crying, if you have that much love in your heart, you need to give it to another pug, and not waste it all on crying, I think maybe she is right!

Andra J. Tyler


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