August 14 2007

Tonight I had to say goodbye to a very special Lady.

Elizabeth, or GrandMonster as she was known when she first came to live with my family, crossed over to the land of Bridge kids. Elizabeth didnít have the best of medical care throughout her years. She had a list of medical problems that seemed to go on and on, but she never let her failing health keep her from showing you a little attitude. I remember a short time back, she was rushed to the Emergency room and even though I had heard that she would bite, I just didnít want to believe it. Well, the vet needed to take her temperature and just as soon as the thermometer went in, the teeth grabbed a hold of my jaw. Even though she did break the skin, I knew that she was only reacting out of fear. Iíll never know what her life before KPR was like, but I do know that she was able to show Love, even on her last day. I woke up this morning to her staring into my eyes. She had no fear, just peacefulness. A peaceful look that said Iím happy to be here. Iím happy to do what I want to do and Iím happy that you love me. Elizabeth was one of those Ladies that you just couldnít escape from enjoying. She knew how to get your attention and would bark, lifting her front legs off of the ground until you caved in and gave her anything she wanted. Her face was such, that it reminded me of my Grandmother. Never judging, just always enjoying being alive and taking in the sights of everything around her. I wish that I would have been able to spend much more time with my girl, but that will have to wait for another day. The day when I meet my friend at the Bridge is that day that I will look forward to. It is that day that Elizabeth and I will enjoy forever, together.



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