Frank was my first dog. I had wanted a pug ever since I was a little girl and saw a pug at my aunt and uncle's house. Finally, once I owned my own home, I thought I was ready for a pug, and I searched for a rescue online. Immediately, I found KPR and went through the process of adopting. I knew I wanted a pug that had been in the system for a while, one that was maybe older or handicapped. Frank (formerly Leroy Puggers) was at least 10 years old, and had been found wandering the streets of Louisville. Someone found him and had tied him up in their yard all summer before surrendering him to KPR. He must have been a really strong little guy to survive that year.

In April 2005, I drove to Northern Kentucky and picked up Frank. I chose the name Frank after Frank Barrone, Peter Boyle's character on the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond." It just fit him. I fell in love with Frank immediately. The first night I had him, I realized that he would follow me EVERYWHERE, even though he was blind. He even tumbled down the stairs, trying to follow me. I quickly learned that I'd have to put up baby gates all over the house because Frank would be shadowing me everywhere I went. He was the sweetest dog, and the most faithful friend. He would try and try to jump up on the couch, and it always amazed me when he made it up there despite his age, lack of sight, and arthritis. I'd let him stay up there for hours, knowing what a feat it was for him to make it up there in the first place. :)

In July of 2006, Frank began getting more slow and tired. He wheezed harder and was less interested in food. I took him to the vet, and found out his esophagus was eroding and his heart was giving out. I took him home for a few days to say my goodbyes, and he went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 12, 2006. I didn't want him to suffer, even though I missed him so much. He was the perfect pug, and I love watching my current pugs play because I often will see a lot of Frank in them, and it keeps his memory alive.

R.I.P, my brave friend.

Jenni Webb-Reynolds



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