Hercules was lovingly held by his foster dad when he went to the bridge and all of KPR will miss him.

The following was written by his foster Dad.

On April 11th 2007, I lost a good friend.

Hercules, who was known as Herky Man to his Foster Mommy and Daddy

Made his journey to the Bridge. Herky was such a blessing to be with and always put a smile on your face, just by being there. Herky had traveled a long winding road before he came to live out his final days with us and with the first look, we knew he was a very special soul sure to bring joy into our lives. He never complained about the way life had treated him. He just had fun with the hand he was dealt and enjoyed life to it’s fullest. Herky could only see about 8 or 10 inches in front of his face, so at bedtime, he would sit right in the middle of the big bed like a statue. He would be ever so silent, with his four odd teeth sticking out of the bottom of his mouth, kind of like a Cheshire grin. Herky would wait, then slowly his furry family members would sneak up on him, you could see the anticipation as his lip would begin to quiver and his head would ever so slightly begin to bobble. Then it would happen, someone would get into his line of vision.

Brarrr, brarr, brarr, Herky would go, bouncing up and down as the other fur folks would join in. They all seemed to know how far Herky could see, as they jostled for position to get in his line of sight so he could chase them too, spinning around in circles, he would reach out opening his mouth wide and smacking it shut. It was such a joy to watch. Herky would move up to his Daddy’s pillow after his little game, never falling asleep until after he got his good-night kiss and then he would drift off to dreamland. Herky would greet each morning in the same manner. Snoring loudly. Daddy would roll over, press his face into the soft coat of Herky’s fur and take a deep breath. Since Herky had lost all of his hearing, except for just a bit in his right ear, Daddy would ever so gently raise up the flap and speak into his ear, “Gooooood moooorning ,ready to go potty?” and Herky would blow a big pug sigh through his nose and waddle over to the edge of the bed, waiting to be carried out to his favorite spot. Herky loved to go and visit new places and people and he always took his bag of smiles with him and passed them out to those in need. He was such a great guy to be around and my heart will always be full of the memories of my dear, true friend.


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