Jay Jay is a boy pug my family adopted 3 1/2 years ago.  He was full of life.  He had been abused and had scars to show what he had been through.  He loved to get in the garbage can, mark the couch and the bed skirts.  After a few years, he stopped marking and grew to trust my family.  I had never loved a dog as much as I love him.  I don't know how my life will be now that he is gone.

He was my best friend, as well as my kids' best friend.  We have other dogs, one pug rescue named Pig, and 2 Humane Society rescues.  Jay Jay was smart, beautiful, and if you were sick in the night he would sit at your feet wherever you might be sitting.  I love him so much and am filled with more sadness than I thought I ever would.  I know you shouldn't have favorites when you have pets, but I did and Jay Jay was mine.

He would have been 4 on June 30th.  He died at 10:45 on June 24, 2005.  I am so proud Trudy Loeffler gave me the opportunity to take him and love him for as long as God allowed.  He was so rotten at her fostyer home she gave me the free pug of the year award.  That memory makes me smile.  He slept with my 8 year old son every night who now carries his collar in his pocket. 

I hope some of this grief passes and someone who has lost their best friend suddenly reads this and can call or email me with help on how to move on, as he was and will always be a part of me and I miss him more than words can say. 

My son now has no one to keep the monsters out from under his bed.  His sister pug, Pig, is so sad she is shaking and barking at nothing.  Our outside dog, LuLu just has been laying at his grave, as they were all witnesses to his death. 

I thank the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue for matching him with my family, as he was loved more than lots of children in the world.  I feel as if I have lost one of my sons.  Jay Jay, with love from my family, grew to be smart, fat, learned tricks and lots of house manners.  And he learned how to trust.  He knew he was loved.

My family and I will miss him more than words can say and in his memory, my husband and I would like to donate 3- small nylon yum yum bones for all the new and scared pugs that KPR takes in.They are bones my husband makes.  They are safe for all dogs, unlike rawhide.  I know Jay Jay would want me to continue helping other mistreated dogs like him because he accepted our new 8 week old puppy well.  So, I will be sending 30 small dog bones to KPR for future scared rescue pugs.

A Very Sad Pug Parent.

Jay Jay Willingham's Family


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