The following dedication was made to honor Kelly, a very special person who touched the lives of her friends, family, and all those who knew her.

Kelly had a love for pugs......For years she talked about getting a pug. She had a pug calendar, pug pictures, pug wallpaper for her computer. If you knew her, you couldn't escape having a conversation about pugs. Friends of hers received emails about pugs that she was considering adopting. Then in 2002, she finally found her pug. She named him Wookie. Wookie and Kelly were made for one another. Where ever she went, he went. Unfortunately, Wookie lost Kelly in May of 2003. He is presently living with Kelly's husband. Since Kelly loved pugs so much, her friends have made a donation to Kentuckiana Pug Rescue, to help some fuzzy little friends in her memory.

KPR received a $300 donation from Kelly's co-workers.

Everyone at Kentuckiana Pug Rescue would like to extend a gigantic thank you to everyone that donated to the pug rescue in Kelly's honor. The funds are much needed and your generous donations will provide some very deserving, homeless pugs with the medical care they need to return them to the highest quality of life possible before going on to their new forever homes. KPR would also like to send our heartfelt condolences and prayers to all of Kelly's family, friends, co-workers, her husband Jeff in Waycross GA, her mother Catherine in Columbia, MO and a very, very special hug to Kelly's pug, Wookie, who will now always have a true guardian angel to watch over him.

KPR would also like to thank, individually, those who donated in Kelly's name.

Marge Moluf
Ange Albsmeyer
Kimberlie Kranich
Laura Adams-Wiggs
Jeanne Creek
Anita Stein
Carol Fischer
Carrie Mohr
Laurie O'Dear
Jake Schumacher
Brenda Zimmerman
Holly Downs
Danda Beard
Heather Miller
Alison Davis
Jill Hixon

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue PO Box 2773 Indianapolis, IN 46206 877-784-7988