The Lovely Lady, Miss Liza made her journey to The Bridge on July 6th 2007.

She left behind her furry friend Max, as well as her foster brothers and sisters and quite a few humans that loved her so very much. For those of you that met her, you know what a happy, funny gal she was. Never was she ashamed to voice her opinion as to how she felt she should be treated. If she wanted it, she was gonna get it and you were going to bring it to her...and do it with a smile on your face too. Liza, at times, when she really wanted something, would bark and bounce with her front feet lifting completely off of the floor, just like a spoiled little child throwing a temper tantrum. Because of some dental work she had a while back, her tongue had a little more length to it than most and because of her missing teeth, it would hang out constantly, usually dry and covered with lint that it collected as she would lie in the bed with it proudly displayed across the bed linens.

Yep, Liza sure had a surplus of character. She could she always make you laugh. I found myself many a time simply sitting and smiling, as I watched her supervise the running of her home. Yes, Little Miss Bossy Pants will always be remembered in the hearts of all of those who crossed her path. I will remember her with a happy feeling in my heart, not sorrow. She is now in a pain free place, living it up like the six month old puppy she thought she was. Have fun WooWoo. I'll be down here thinking about you and the next time we can snuggle up together for a nice afternoon nap again.

Loving You Always...



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