In loving memory of our sweet little angel, Mattie…
who made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, July 19, 2004.

I want to share with all of you about this sweet adorable angel that came into our lives, our home and our hearts and blessed us with love and joy. When we found Mattie, she had had a very difficult start at her young life. She was not well-cared for, she was skin and bones, bald patches on her skinny little body and yet, she fell asleep in my husband, Joe’s arms. Right then, we knew it was intended for her to be part of our lives and us a part of hers. The woman we got Mattie from is a person who cares nothing for these blessed gifts from the Heavens. We did not see the conditions that Mattie and her other Pug relatives had to endure, but we have been informed by those who have been a witness to these conditions and let’s just say that Mattie was our own personal rescue mission.

We saw her on a Wednesday and it was Friday before we could bring her home.  We had been saving for her and we had to wait for the money from our savings to arrive, and then on Friday, March 12, 2004, she made her journey to her new home. Now, the woman we got her from, had no idea as to how old Mattie was, she claimed she was 15-16 weeks old, which we knew that this was not possible and she did not have any shot records at all, no records of any kind. But, to us, that did not matter, all that mattered to us was getting her out of there, no matter the cost. When Mattie arrived at her new home on March 12, 2004, her toenails were so long, they were curled under, some were pressing into her pads, she was so skinny, she ate 3 bowls of food in less than an hour! She was not only starved for food, but for love and attention and a home.

We took Mattie to our vet the following day, where they determined her age to be around 8-9 weeks old, she weighed only about 2 pounds, and they went ahead and began her first round of puppy shots and cut her toenails. Mattie took up with everyone at the vet's office, they just adored her and looking at her sweet face, how could you not just love her! We also had to give her lyme baths over a period of one month, which she did not like, but she handled it like a champ all the way. After each of her lyme baths, we wrapped her in a blanket and kept her warm while she slept in our arms. After she finished her round of lyme baths, her hair was growing in and it was beautiful, solid black, thick, soft and very shiny!

Mattie was growing, gaining weight, playing and just loving life. She and her Pug sister, our oldest Pug, Zoe, had began to play regularly and would chase each other through the house, and they loved to play “Pug-o-War” with a sock. Mattie and Zoe would get out in the backyard and chase each other around and just had a wonderful time together. It was probably late April or early May when Joe noticed Mattie was having a problem with her right hind leg. We took her to the vet and they did some X-rays which confirmed their suspicions, Mattie was stricken with a genetic disease, known as Legg-Perthe’s Disease, which is a degeneration of the hip joint. She underwent her first surgery on June 14, 2004 on her right leg, where they completely shave off the femoral head. Her recovery went very well. She was running around and doing more than she could before. However, her left leg was progressing quickly and we knew the time for the second surgery was approaching quickly.

Mattie went in on July 19, 2004 for her second surgery. As they were finishing surgery and closing, Mattie’s heart rate dropped, and despite their best efforts, she did not survive. Losing Mattie has been very difficult for all of us, because we never expected that she would not survive given how well she did with her first surgery. We never imagined that she would not return home with us and be able to run, jump and play, and we took that for granted. Our lives can change in an instant and losing Mattie has deeply affected us. Mattie was a true joy from day one, from the moment we laid our eyes on her, we knew she was meant for us. There was never any doubt. But now we know this woman is breeding these innocent Pugs that are stricken with this genetic disease and despite all our efforts, nothing or nobody has made any attempt to stop her and so the cycle continues and more innocent Pugs will suffer and could eventually lose their precious lives. Our vet has sent off tissue samples, because they now suspect that Mattie may have also had an underlying medical condition that we knew nothing about.

Our sweet little angel, Mattie made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, July 19, 2004. Mattie was a gift to us and her life was cut too short and through this dedication, we want to thank Mattie for coming into our lives and choosing us as her family. Mattie, you will be forever missed, forever remembered, forever loved and forever, you will always be in our hearts. You have left paw prints on our hearts that can never be erased, they are paw prints left by you so that we will always remember how lucky and how blessed we were to have known your love. We continue to shed many tears over losing our sweet Mattie, and no doubt more tears will be shed, but Mattie was adored and cherished and deeply loved and all we have now are the memories she left behind. Mattie was special not only because she was a Pug, but because of what she had to overcome in her short life and that is a valuable lesson, she never gave up, she fought as hard and as long as her little body would let her.

Mattie, we will never forget all the times that you would bark at the TV for no reason, and how you loved your yellow squeaky bone so much that you would fall asleep with it in your mouth. Mattie, we will never forget your first time eating peanut butter and how it was stuck all over your whiskers. We will never forget how you would stick your precious little Pug nose to ours and give us one of those famous Mattie kisses and how your little whiskers would tickle our faces. Mattie, we will never forget and will always miss the sound of your little feet as you ran through the house to greet us at the door. Mattie, we will never forget how you would tilt your head to the side and stick out your tongue when we would talk to you. Mattie, Zoe loves you and misses you and she misses playing “Pug-o-War” and all the other games you played, she misses her lil’ Pug Sister. We miss playing with you and we miss holding you and we miss how you used to curl up and sleep in our laps. It’s those precious moments that will forever remain in our hearts, our minds and our home. Mattie, we will forever miss you and love you, but more importantly, we are forever grateful to you for spending your life with us, no matter how brief it was, and for choosing us as your family and loving us as much as we love you. Mattie, we are forever grateful for the joy, the laughter, the love and the companionship that you gave us.

Mattie was our inspiration for joining KPR and through the passionate efforts of KPR, helping any Pug that needs us, will help us to honor Mattie and all those sweet lil’ angels who come to KPR in need of help. We want to thank each and every one of you for the kind words, prayers and for the emails extending your condolences on our loss. Our deepest gratitude goes out to all of you! Our deepest sympathies to all of you who have experienced the heartbreaking loss of your Pug companion or any other pet that affected you deeply. God Bless you all. Remember, there are lessons to be learned from our blessed Pugs and it is up to us whether or not we open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to learn these lessons and carry them forward. Be sure to “Hug Your Pug” often, let them know you love them and be sure to say of prayer of thanks for the wonderful Pug companion you have as well as for the life you were able to offer your Pug you have lost. No matter how short the time they were with us, they were at least given the chance to know what a Pug’s life should be, full of love, companionship, loyalty, security, fun and they knew what a HOME should be.

THANK YOU KPR!!! The work you do is truly the work of Angels! Thank you for allowing us to be part of this wonderful and blessed KPR family! We love you all!

In loving memory of our sweet lil’ Mattie, who will forever be missed, loved and treasured. You will always be part of our family.

--Lisa, Joe & Zoe Hutcherson


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