Oz, was found abandoned and badly injured.  We know how much his sad story touched our hearts and know that it will touch yours too.  KPR put together a "care package" for Oz.  Thanks to Dr. Sam Vaughn of the Veterinary Associates Stonefield in Louisville, KY for the generous donation for Oz's wagon.


Written by Kim, Oz's Mom

Another evening while at home
came the ringing of the phone
Dispatch called to once again let us know
that another animal was left on the road
we raced out the the edge of town
where a couple waited, no one else around
There sat You on the side of the road
we could not believe what we were told
Your rear legs were gone
but you were alive
it had been several days
but somehow you survived
Rear legs gone and bones were showing
I looked into your dark eyes knowing
you let out a whimper and stood up to walk
you wagged your tail, I could not talk
I picked you up and gave you a hug
I knew right then it was instant love.
You did not care that you were hurt
starved, abandoned and filled with infection
You wagged that tail and licked my face
just happy to get some love and attention
We took you home and tended your needs
knowing that it was hard to believe
The doctor said it would take a lot
to get you well and to move about
We did not care, we did not think
save this boy! He wants to live
The surgery took 3 long hours
and everyone prayed for your strength and power
Cards came in and people cared
about this boy that somehow fared
Life is precious no matter how small
and Oz has taught something special to all.
It does not matter what trials we face
we can be who we are
with a smile on our face
OZ your amazing, so sweet, and so silly
God blessed us that night
when he added you to our family.


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