Here lays Phoebe - not in a bed, with her brother and mamma, who loved her very much.
Oh, no. She is in a box on my entertainment center!
Why. . . ?

Because, I was a fool, and put her on a plane - in the underbelly of that plane!! I was told, over a period of six weeks, by the airlines, the vet, and people that transported pet and show dogs for a living, that everything would be "OK".

Phoebe was a beautiful, sweet, kind, shy pug girl, who loved to play and chew on her toys. She loved to watch her brother, Beau, fly around the room "pug style"!
She was a snuggler, snorer, snarfer, sneezer, kissin' little sweethart.

To know Phoebe was to love her! She was so gentle, except when brother, Beau, would torment her into a frenzied rage! But, that was not often. She much preferred letting Beau lick her face, and ears clean. then, she would lick the space between his shoulder blades! He didn't like face cleanings.

She was too shy to take a treat from someone that she didn't know, but never too shy to sit in their lap. Her bark was deep and throaty, and never heard too often.

She would lay calmly while I put cream for allergies on her inner thighs, and never tried to take the stitches out when she was spayed.

She loved the fall, because she loved the sound of the leaves as she plowed, head first, through them.
She slept in, in the mornings, which was nice for me. When she got up, she would press her sweet face against my side, and roll her way down. Then, she would lay on my chest, so that when I opened my eyes, I was looking into her liquid chocolate ones, feeling her whiskers tickling my face!

None of that happens anymore, because, on June 11, 2005, I put her in the underbelly of a plane!!
I send you my undying love, my precious Phoebe. I pray every night that you forgive my fatal indiscretion. I won't ever forget you. You brought a joy to my heart, that has been stung by the guilt of your death! You trusted me to keep you safe, and I failed you! But, I love you still!! Please forgive me, and be happy at the Bridge with all the friends that I know you have made!!! I will keep a light on for you, so that you will always know where I am!! Visit me often, as I love the sound of your snores!
I miss you, Phoebe!! I love you!

With all the love in my heart, your momma, Barb


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