Precious went to Rainbow Bridge on May 17. Precious and her mate Bubba were my first fosters. This little girl absolutely stole the hearts of everyone she met. A wonderful family adopted her and Bubba after she came to KPR last June. Unfortunate family circumstances had her and Bubba coming back to me late last year. A wonderful gentleman in Shellbyville adopted them and they once again had a wonderful home and this time it was a forever home.

Precious died in her sleep of an apparent heart attack. This has been an awful shock to all of us who knew and loved her. She was absolutely adorable and I loved her so much too. She and Bubba could have stayed in our home forever, but I knew that somewhere there was a perfect home for them and I am so glad that they found that home.

Precous was the queen of her new home and Bubba was her king. She will be missed by Tommy and by Bubba and by everyone who knew her. No one told me that fostering could be so painful, but I wouldn't trade fostering those two babies for anything.

They never lived in a house before they came to us and they were both absolutely fascinated by the TV. They loved to look at themselves in the mirror and would bark and howl and go back behind the wall the mirror was on to try to find those other dogs!!! They both brought us so much joy in the few months they were with us. Precious was  an alpha and she would keep all the others in line. It was Precious' way or no way!!

Little Precious you will be missed by so many and we will see you some day at Rainbow Bridge. I know you are there now with little Mattie, Nessa, and all the other beloved KPR puggies that have gone on before, playing and bossing all the others that are there. I love you, Precious Baby Girl.

Your foster Mommy--April



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