Goodbye Baby Boy

Though no wings nor halo
I ask not the question why
For I know you are an angel
And itís time to let you fly

Though you may not understand
Your mommaís lifeís changed so
And right now I have no choice
But to let you go

You need to be in someoneís arms
Who can be there night and day
Someone to love you, hug you, kiss you
And take you out to play

I said Iíd never leave you
But there is no other way
A broken heart that will never mend
Is a price Iíll have to pay

ďI love you more than anythingĒ
Plays back in my head
I miss you lying at my feet
At night when Iím in bed

Youíre love was unconditional
Your dedication knew no end
Youíre my companion, my confidant
Forever my best friend

I have known a motherís love
Though some say it isnít true
I know I could never love a child
Any more than Iíve loved you

Forever at my heart
Lonely strings will tug
For the only man Iíve ever loved
My Baby Boy, My Snuggle Bug

Bobbee Leming
April 1, 2008



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