Our darling Reggie you left us too soon. On January 16, 2008, a light went out in our world. We only had you in our lives for 8 months. All you did was enrich our family with your adorable smile, and engaging personality. Your unconditional love and devotion to us was beyond our wildest expectations. You are so missed already. Your snore was louder then any other Pug we have ever heard! But it was music to our ears. It is so hard to fall asleep without you. With all our hearts we hope there is a Starbucks at the Bridge so you can enjoy your Pup Cup!! We love you Reggie..our little RP the PR Pug!!! You will live in our hearts forever.

Love, Daddy, Mommy (David and Annie Faircloth), Allan, Katlin, Tim, Nicole, Pj, Coco, Levi, Millie Pooh Bean, Maggie Monkey Moo, and Ringo Bingerton.


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