Samantha's Pals for Pugs

Molly Coffman

Field of Dreams

Samantha, who found her way into the care of rescue, arrived with a host of medical problems that had been left without proper medical care over her short life of five years.

Even though the world had treated her in such a disgusting manner, she was always ready to slobber you with kisses. The first thing I noticed about this little girl was her zest for life.

She was so happy to be out in the yard, just enjoying freedom at its finest. During the short time that she lived with us, I always took great pleasure in watching her run free, never seeming to worry about what the next moment would bring. She would run like the wind. The breeze flowing across her face, forcing her upper lip to show her teeth. She looked like she had on the smile of someone who had just won the Olympic gold medal. I remember lying down to take a nap just the other day. Sammie came over and sat beside my head. I looked at her and just knew she wanted her share of the pillow, so I slid over and offered her half. She crawled in and pushed her back against my chest. Positioned her head so that it was just right and let out a sigh as she fell fast asleep. I dont think I ever fell asleep while she was lying there. Watching her as she dreamt, it all became so very clear. Life is what you make of it. Sammie had no luxuries to call her own. Her life was full as far as she was concerned. A bowl of food when she was hungry. A place to run around and play Friends that loved her for who she was and a soft bed to lay her head when she was tired.

Tonight, in the light of the setting Sun. I will pay a visit to that place where my friends of the past now live. Friends that have made their journey to the land of cures. The land where the crippled run. The land where the suffering have no pain. The land where I know I will choose to live out my eternity, when it is my time to move on. Tonight, I will visit The Field of Dreams.

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