Little Furry Angel, did you know you had a name?
Did you know people cared about you?
When your KPR family got the call that you were in need, people immediately started working to help you.
Can you feel our love for you?

You were given the name "Samson" as in the Bible. Like him, you had a strong desire to live, you were neglected and abused by people who were supposed to take care of you, you mustered your last ounce of strength to show you wanted to live, you lost your hair, and you suffered unimaginable pain here on Earth.

Please know that for your last few days here, you were loved and cared about by a network of people who wanted to help you get well and give you a loving home. Many prayers were lifted up on your behalf. Your little body was just too far gone by the time we got the call, but we did try. You were assisted on your journey to Rainbow Bridge only out of kindness and the desire to take away your pain. We shed tears for you and you touched our hearts in a very special way. So, on angel's wings may your little soul take flight to Heaven, where you can be happy, be well, and play and run in fields of green with our little puggies who have gone on. You can now be free from pain and depression.  You carry our love with you...until we meet you again.



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