Tubby's Pals for Pugs

Nathan & Tami Hoy
Melissa McCubbin


At Approximately 3:00 am, Central Standard time on December 17th of the year 2007, A kind old Gentleman began his journey to a wondrous land.
My friend Tubby, or as he was lovingly referred to around here as Papaw is now settling in, where he will run and play chasing Pink Butterflies through the lime green pastures.
Papaw, who held so much of his past in his brow, could always speak to you with his amber brown eyes and tell you exactly what his thoughts of the moment were.
Papaw's last night was spent lying in bed, watching reruns of Law and order.
He never asked for much.
Just someone to open a door if he needed to go out and potty
or a quick scratch when he had an itch.

Papaw, your job on this Earth is done. You have left behind an image that will remain in the Hearts of many.

Looking forward to the time when we will see you again.
Take plenty of notes. I want to hear all about your adventures in the land of color.

'till we meet again, my friend

David Hoff


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