Tucker, the Wonder Pug, was in our lives for a brief period of time. In those few short weeks he firmly embedded himself into our hearts. With the energy of a Tasmanian Devil, an underbite that brought to laughter each time you looked at him, and the most adorably expressive face you have ever seen, Tucker left an impression that will be hard to beat. His continual joy of life is what stands out the most. Completely happy at all times, he totally loved his Foster Brothers Mugsy and Ringo, and his Forever Brother Rocco. He loved to play with stuffed toys, especially those that squeaked! He would entertain himself endlessly by throwing them in the air, catching them or chasing them down, and starting all over again! He loved to race around playing Toy Ping Pong with his Forever Brother Rocco! He would grab the toy from Rocco, they would chase each other until Rocco got it, then the chase would start again and go until Tucker got the toy back! From couch to couch they would jump, make laps in the living room until they dropped from exhaustion! Tucker's last weekend was full of fun and excitement. He spent his first 2 nights with what would have been his Forever family, and he attended Pugpalooza where he captivated all who met him. He was quite the Little Charmer. We love you Tucker Pug, and our lives will forever be enriched because you were a part of them. Not a day will go by that we won't miss you. We know you are now safe, happy and healthy, waiting for us at the Bridge.

Annie Faircloth and Rachel Cruz


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