Following the caller’s instructions
He started on his way
“Come and pick up the dead dog”
Just another typical day

The caller gave precise details
On where she could be found
There on the frozen ground she lay
Nearly dead, too weak to make a sound

Suddenly she heard footsteps near
They stopped very close by
She moved her head so slightly
How could she still be alive

He then knelt down beside her
She felt his gentle touch
Although she couldn’t see him
Somehow she knew to trust

Loving hands gently carried her
As they started on their way
Maybe now her life would be better
“I love you”, someone might say

Indeed she was on a new journey
The first link in the chain had begun
Somehow she knew she’d never be back
In the crate from which she’d come

There in love and obedience she served
For ten lonely years she paid her dues
Now old and blind and all used up
Just thrown out, like old worn-out shoes

“Put her out of her misery”, many would say
“Only a short time she has left”
But God had a much better plan
So this precious life He kept

She will pass through other gentle hands
Before reaching her new loving home
It all began because someone cared
Someone named Angel Barry

Remember the others, forgotten and helpless
Like this little Pug, they’re looking for someone caring
Their sad eyes keep silently watching
Waiting in hope for their own Angel Barry.

Written by:
Diane Lindsey, Volunteer
Kentuckiana Pug Rescue
December 25, 2005


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