A Rescue Prayer


Heavenly Father, guide me in my mission and teach me about commitment. 
Let me make a difference by the little things, and try not to do it all.
 Let me remember that there is redemption in suffering, 
Teach me that in not passing judgment I can focus on the need.

Show me that the imperfection of the end result is better than most beginnings.
 Give me the strength to hold on when it is easier to let go. 
Grant me the patience to make time for each rescue on an individual basis. 
If I fail in my judgment, remind me that I too, am not perfect.

When it is time to say good-bye, let me do so in silence and unselfishness. 
Provide me the strength to walk away, and to trust in my judgment. 
Give me the courage to know when suffering is endless. 
Show me how, and why, and when to let go.

And Dear Lord, when I say my good-bye to a part of my heart,
 Remind me this was a choice I made and the pain is self-inflicted. 
Then when I cry, and hurt because I miss the joy found in bonding 
Send me yet another, and guide me once again.

Pam Mayes 
Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

Pam Mayes, 2000-2001



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