Each Pug that KPR rescues needs to be seen by a vet, some need to be spayed or neutered and some may have other health concerns that need to be treated before they can be adopted.  Since we do not have a central facility, this means that we need volunteers who are willing to open up their homes to these rescued Pugs and become foster parents. 

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue will pay for all medical expenses for our rescued Pugs.  Foster families are not required to pay any medical bills.  All we ask is that the foster parents provide a home, food and lots of love! 

You may fill out a Foster Application using one of the following methods -

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Adobe Reader is required to open and print the Mail-in Application.
If do not have Adobe Reader,  it is available for free download. 

Precious and Bubba came to us as our first fosters on June 26. They had a rough life up to the time they were rescued. They were used for breeding and were in an outside kennel with a family of poodles. They were not up to date on their shots, they didn't know about treats, didn't know any commands, they were not house broken and they didn't even recognize their names. The first day or so we saw that their names did not suit them, and since they didn't know their names, we renamed the female Precious, because she is just precious and the male we renamed Bubba. He is just a big ole laid back dude.

It was heart breaking when we got them home and opened the door and told them to go inside--they just looked at the front steps and the open door and couldn't comprehend what we wanted them to do. These two babies quickly made their place in our homes and our hearts.

They were very smart, especially Bubba. He caught on to his name and going outside to potty first. Precious took just a little longer. They were completely fascinated with the television (the magic box with the people in it). 

They just loved to see themselves in the mirror and would bark, scratch and howl at the mirror and try to go around behind it to find those other dogs. They completely stole our hearts. We discussed adopting them ourselves, but something told us no. We fostered them for nearly two months.

We soon discovered that Precious was the Alpha of the pair. She set the pace for everything. She and my own pug, Ethel, did not always get along. She also rode rough shod over our pug mix, Fred. She was an absolutely adorable little girl though, and Bubba was just as adorable. They are as different as night and day. Neither one could get enough love. They just soaked it up like little sponges. I just can't imagine that someone had these precious babies for nearly seven years and didn't love them the way they deserve to be loved.

I'm so happy to say, that Bubba and Precious found their forever homes just about 12 or 13 miles down the road from us. The Colling family adopted them and they are just the perfect match. These two little ones are so happy now. They have a new puggie brother, Bentley, who is five months old. Bubba loves to play with him. Precious thinks she is his mother and will keep him in line. She doesn't like it when he is crated for the night and will sit and cry for someone to let him out. I hear she is currently trying to figure out how to get the kennel open, and I'm sure she will figure it out before too long!! They sleep with their human parents, who are spoiling them both rotten!! They also have a nine year old Lab brother (Levi) and two human brothers and a human sister. Part of me was sad when they left our home, but I knew it was the best place for them, and that's what it's all about. The perfect match between pug and family. If anyone is considering fostering, let me tell you, it was an absolutely wonderful experience for the whole family and we will be happy to do it again when we are needed, and we hope it won't be too long until we are needed again.

The Freeman Family


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