Kentuckiana Pug Rescue (KPR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in 2001.  We are dedicated to the rescue, care, and placement of all unwanted, abandoned, neglected, and abused Pugs, giving them a second chance in a loving and caring forever home.

KPR takes any Pugs from the US states of Kentucky and Indiana, regardless of their age, temperament or medical condition.  All pugs receive medical care and treatment (if needed), are spayed or neutered prior to placement, receive heartworm and fecal testing, and routine vaccinations.


Kentuckiana Pug Rescue is made up of people who deeply care about the breed. We know about Pugs' health issues, personality and temperament. We are volunteers who are dedicated to analyzing, rehabilitating and placing Pugs in the appropriate homes.

KPR does not have a facility where you can visit our Pugs.  Rescued Pugs live in foster homes, where they are evaluated and cared for until they find their ideal adoptive family.

KPR does our utmost to make the best match for both the Pug and the adopting family. We carefully screen prospective homes and require all applicants to go through an Adoption Application Process. After the adoption is completed, we keep in touch with the family and require updates on the Pug, which enables us to see how the newly placed Pug is doing and offer any support that we can to the adoptive family.

Board of Directors

President - Amy Carpenter
Vice President - Annie Faircloth
Secretary - Gina LaBella Tulin
Treasurer - Juli Kruszynski

General Board members:
Debbie Ater
Mark Bailey
Rachel Cruz
Cindy Grieze
Heather Harrold
Nicky King
Juli Kruszynski
Sandi Lewis
Cody Ridenour


Kentucky Surrender & In-Take Coordinator - Cody Ridenour
Kentucky Foster Coordinator - Beth Romine
Kentucky Adoption Coordinator - Branden Barker
Kentucky Follow-Up Coordinator - Lois Fisher

Indiana Surrender & In-Take Coordinator - Cody Ridenour
Indiana Foster Coordinator - Heather Harrold
Indiana Adoption Coordinator - Amy Carpenter

Annie Faircloth, Donations, Fund Raising, Petco

Rachel Cruz, Events


Stacy Smith, Assistant Event Coordinator

Cindy Grieze, Information Coordinator

Mark Bailey, PR Coordinator

Sarah Strain, Transports


Kentuckiana Pug Rescue PO Box 2773 Indianapolis, IN 46206 877-784-7988