Five months ago my 5 year old son and I adopted the sweetest dog that I think has ever walked the planet. Originally I wanted a male pug who was a little older. We ended up with a two year old female named Sissy. She had been treated for parvo just before we adopted her. KPR had a fundraiser and many contributed to her care. I have been especially moved by the young girl, Isabella Zorn, who saw the story about Sissy and Ace and raised money to help.

I took Sissy to the vet right before our adoption was complete and was completely heartbroken to discover that she had also suffered severe trauma to her face. Her jaw bone had been completely broken in half... yet, you would never know it! She was always in a great mood, never seemed to be in pain, or scared of people. I'm happy to report that she has healed and is doing wonderfully!

Sissy has brought so much joy to our lives. She has become a best friend to my son and I, and we are so grateful that she is ours. She just fits into our life so perfectly. We went on our first road trip this past weekend and on the way home, they shared a pillow... one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Thank you KPR for all the work that you do!! And thank you for offering Sissy to us... she wasn't what I initally set out for, but she couldn't be a more perfect pug for us.



Sherry, Aid/an & Sissy




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