Our family always knew we wanted to adopt a pug after we visited my sisters family in Atlanta and met their rescued pug, Zoe. Six months after our visit to Atlanta, I sat down and finally filled out the online application at KPR. Within 24 hours I was contacted by Denise, the lady who would be doing our home visit. Denise came to our home, interviewed us and told us it could  be up to 6 months before a female pug in the age range we specified would be available. I was discouraged that we might have to wait that long but we decided that we would wait as long as needed to find the right dog for our family.


Our home study was on a Friday evening and on Monday, 3 days later, my 6 yr old son Evan told me that today was the day we would get our dog. I explained to him that even though we were ready for our dog there wasn't a dog ready for us yet. He was insistent and argued with me that today would be the day we would get our pug. He got on the bus at 8:30 am and at 8:55 am we got a phone call asking us if we would consider fostering a female pug that would  be in KPR's care the following day. The dog, named Kisses, was in heat, there was no medical background on her and the current owner wanted her to be removed from the home as soon as possible. I agreed to take Kisses into our home and to consider keeping her once she was eligible for adoption. That night I told my 3 children, including Evan, that we would be going to pick up a pug that needed a home. Evan was thrilled and kept saying he couldn't wait to see  his new dog, Abi. (He had always wanted to name the pug we adopted after my sister, Abi, who has an adopted pug as well). I told him the pug's name was Kisses, but, we could rename her Abi if we were chosen to be the adoptive family for her. Evan's response to Kisses name was, "Huh, that's funny Mom, because her name is Abi."

The next day we drove to Greenwood, IN to meet Amy and pick up Kisses. I called my Mom on the drive and asked her if how I felt was how she had felt when she adopted me 33 earlier. She laughed and said she had waited 10 years to adopt me, I had only waited 4 days to get Kisses. We got to the meeting spot and when Amy walked over to us carrying Kisses I started crying. She was the most beautiful pug I had ever seen and I instantly knew I would do whatever it took to give her a good home. The first thing I said when Amy got to us was, "Oh, Kisses. You are such a pretty girl." Amy responded, "Oh, didn't they tell you? They renamed her Abi." I looked over at my 6 yr old son, who had known the day we would get our dog, and also knew her name, and he just smiled.

Abi spent her first night in our home curled up on our bed next to my legs. Several times in the night she woke up and came to the head of the bed to lick my face and make sure I was still there. We scheduled Abi's vet visits, got her current on shots and made an apt. for her to get her soft palette reduced, her saccules reduced and to get spayed. Before Abi's surgery our  family spent spring break at a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN. Abi loved riding in the car so the 6 hour drive was a breeze and she loved exploring the Smoky Mt. Natl. Park. Taking Abi on vacation felt right. She is a part of our family and I couldn't imagine leaving her home anymore than I could imagine leaving one of my furless children home!

We got home from vacation and Abi went in for her surgery just a few weeks later. KPR was wonderful at staying in touch with me and getting the finances lined up for Abi's surgeries. Abi's surgeries went well, although she needed a tracheotomy and an overnight stay at a pet ER hospital, following the surgery. The vet told us he had never seen a dog with such an elongated palette and he felt without surgery her life would have been drastically shortened. Abi is now healthy and home with us. Her adoption was complete in April and we feel so lucky to have been chosen as her family. Abi loves to go for walks, meet the school bus each weekday and watch our two sons play at soccer games. When I think about how my son knew the day we would get Abi, and also her name, I am convinced that we never really chose to bring Abi into our home.

Somehow, Abi chose us and we are a better and more complete family because of it. We are so grateful for the encouragement, advice and love that the KPR volunteers have shown us. Abi is doing "pug"riffic and we are looking forward to many years of laughter and love with our new forever friend, Abi Rose.

Thank you!!
Eric, Pam, Justin, Evan, Hannah and Abi Rose


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