I adopted Ali on March 1, 2008. He is a dream come true for me! I didn't know what to expect when adopting a rescued Pug. Yet, I am so glad that I adopted Ali! I drove two hours to pick up Ali from his Foster Mommy, Sandy. He slept in my lap the whole ride home. =) When we arrived at home, he ran in the door and spun in circle after circle. He jumped on the couch and the recliner. He made himself right at home.

Ali is exactly what I wanted in a Pug. He's a Mama's Boy! He follows me around the house from room to room. He gets so excited when I get home from work. He spins in so many circles. Sometimes I think if he doesn't stop spinning he's going to get dizzy and fall over! He is so sweet, too. If I sit on the couch, he will sit with me...or sit on me. If I'm going to sleep, he'll come to bed and sleep with me. If I put my face near him, he'll give me dozens of Pug kisses. He'll let me rub his belly for hours. I can even hold him like a baby. He is so smart. He knows how to sit and he knows a lot of words. If he doesn't understand a word that I'm saying, he'll tilt his head. Every time I repeat the word, he'll tilt his head to one side. It is absolutely adorable! Ali makes the cutest noises I've ever heard. He snorts all the time. Plus, he snores SO LOUD! His snoring doesn't wake me, but volume of his snoring definitely depends on his sleeping position. I love it!

Ali is definitely a happy and healthy little Pug. I don't know anything about his life before Kentuckiana Pug Rescue, but I'm glad that I could give him a home. Thank you so much to everyone who helped Ali. Without you, I wouldn't have my little companion. Thank you so much to Sandy, his Foster Mommy. I can't express how happy I am that I have Ali. I love him so much!




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