Bella Marie's story starts before I had even met her. I made the decision to let my precious pug, Ethel Marie go to Rainbow Bridge. She was in constant pain and falling when she would get up to walk. As I sat at work crying because I had called the vet to make "the appointment" my good friend, Amy Carpenter, called me. She knew that I was interested in adopting a little black female puggie, because I couldn't imagine my life without a little girl pug. I love my male pug, Barney, dearly, but there is just something about a little girl pug. She had just found out about Annabella who was being surrendered by her family. They no longer had the time to devote to her and she had started acting out by peeing on their bed. I told Amy that I would like to adopt her. Amy was so excited for me. You see, she also has a little black female pug named Annabelle and since we are both Adoption Coordinators for KPR, it seemed like fate. I just couldn't get very excited about Bella though, because I was so upset about Ethel Marie's upcoming vet appointment. Amy assured me it was OK, she was excited enough for both of us.

Bella came into rescue the day after Ethel Marie went to the Bridge. She came from a town north of Indy and Amy went and picked her up. We talked on the phone and she told me how beautiful Bella is and how much fun she was going to be for me. Amy and Annie drove Bella to Columbus, IN. A wonderful KPR family, the Darby-Wadlers went to Columbus and picked her up and took her to Louisville to my dear friends, Jenn and Mike. Jenn and Mike cared for her until Friday evening when we met. I had numerous phone calls and emails all week from friends up in Louisville who had went by and saw Bella. It seemed everyone had met her except for me!! Jenn was great about letting me know exactly what Bella liked and how wonderful she is.

Bella was everything I could imagine. She is so smart and such a pretty little girl. She is very petite, but a real little spitfire. She and Barney love to play together and even though he is almost twice as big as her, she can hold her own with him! She loves her stuffed toys and like every pug, she LOVES to eat!! She loves to sleep with us at night and cuddle and watch TV in the evening. She hasn't had a single accident in the house, so I guess she approves of our home and is getting enough attention. I added the Marie to Bella's name to honor Ethel Marie.

I would like to thank everyone involved in Bella's transport. She would not have gotten down here to Western KY if it wasn't for all of you. I also want to thank all my friends who sent gifts for Bella and gave me a "Pug Shower". No other dog will ever take my Ethel Marie's place, but Bella has quickly carved out her own place in our hearts.

Bella's Mom, April



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