This is Barney. Barney came to our household recently as a surrender of sorts. The family who had him (then known as Smokey) did not have the time to spend with him. He was kept in a pet taxi for the majority of the day. A lady who I work with in the school system knew that I was involved with KPR and contacted me about her niece giving Smokey up. They did not want to do a 'surrender', but wanted $$$ for him. Another guy I worked with also knew of my involvement with KPR and said he wanted Smokey, so I stepped back as KPR Rep and just made arrangements for him to buy Smokey from the surrender family. My husband and I were running errands and went to pick up Smokey and his belongings to take him to our home, where the co-worker would pick him up from us. My husband held Smokey all of the way home. He kept saying to me "I wish you would have brought him home first before you called that guy", "I wish we could keep him", "He's really a good dog" get the was love at first sight for them both.

When we got him home, I clipped his nails before he left to go to his new home. My husband told my co-worker that if he didn't want him, just call and he would gladly give him his money back for him. He really hated to see the little guy leave. After only an hour, we got a phone call. He said he was expecting a more docile, calm dog and he didn't think he could handle this one. I explained the circumstances: he was a puppy, he'd been kept in a pet taxi for the past couple of months and wasn't used to running loose, he was in a  strange place, new people, new smells, new environment...he was going to be a little bit wired!! The co-worker didn't think he could handle him. We made arrangements to meet, as he lives in Bonnieville and we live in E'town, so we met in between in Sonora. My hubby grabbed his coat and took off in his houseshoes to go get the little guy.

He was just meant to be ours. He's still a little wired...we've had him almost 3 months as of this writing, but he's a good boy and a quick learner. We're still working on the potty training, and he does good when someone is home with him, but can't be trusted to have the run of the house without supervision (and even then he sometimes lets it rip). He's learned what toys are and has a ball playing catch. He's made great friends with Clyde Patches, and even though he's now bigger than Clyde Patches, he doesn't know it. It's so funny to watch them turn on when they get to wrestling. When they play ball, Clyde chases the ball and Barney chases Clyde. They'll make 30 trips up and down the ball!

Piggy has let him know "she's in charge"!! Barney is very much a snuggler and loves to sleep on the people bed instead of his own bed. And he loves giving kisses. When he hears the alarm go off in the morning, look sleeping in. He's not much for car rides yet, but is learning that when he hears the harness tags jingle, it's time to go bye-bye and he's doing better about going for rides and walks. He'll never have to worry about being confined again. I didn't realize when we named him 'Barney' that there were so many in the Rescue! We named him that because Clyde Patches' nickname is "Fred Patches" I thought Fred and Barney...ha ha. He's a great boy and we're looking forward to a long, happy life with him. 

Karen Finley

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