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Update February, 2009 -

Hello Im writing you tonight to let you know how Big Daddy has been doing. WOW where to start . He is do ok for his age now his eyes have gotten worse he no longer is able see anything and he has been having breathing troubles. Everyday he hacks and struggles breathing at times but once he lays down he breathes alright.

We have moved to Ohio and he now has a really big yard to explore in and he does. lol Im not to sure if he is losing his hearing or not because when I call him he seems confused as to where I am but if I rattle a bad of chips or candy or tap my dinner plate he runs ( walks really fast) right to me. Its like .FOOD HERE I COME!!!! But other times he just turns around and around and around. My friends will come over and he really plays his game of feel sorry for me and they fall for it every time lol. He will wine and cry for them to pick him up and bring him back in the house .you see we have steps he has to climb and if someone new is around he plays the sorry card. I laugh my butt off cause he knows how to climb up the steps and does it just fine. But my friends feel sorry for him and they pick him up he gets them every time. Blind he is old he is but stupid no way he is very smart and uses it to his advantage.

He is still very much a cuddlier and lover he still sneezes and coughs on you but you cant help but love him and we all do I moved to Ohio so my son could see me more and big daddy. They are both really happy.

Im not to sure how much longer we will have with him but we are making every min count with him and when the time comes for him to leave us my son and I are going to have him cremated so he will always be with us.

Thank you again for giving us such a joy.

Candra, Tommy and Kayli


Dear KPR, and readers,

Hello I'm Candi and on March 11, 2007 I adopted Big Daddy. He is a birthday gift for my 15 year old son Tommy. Tommy broke his leg Feb 15 and is laid up at home in bed/couch. He has been feeling a little down, that was until I brought Big Daddy home. Tommy hasn't met Big  Daddy yet because he lives in Ohio with his dad. Now the cool thing about this is that when I call my son I will put the phone on speaker and Tommy will talk to Big daddy. At first Big Daddy really didn't respond to Tommy talking to him.  Now, after just two weeks, I will look at Big Daddy and ask him "Bid Daddy do you know where Tommy is at?" and Big Daddy will turn his head and start turning around in circles and get all excited and if I ask him if he wants to call Tommy he will woof and then sniff around for my phone. ( Big Daddy is blind but his nose can find anything). So we will call Tommy and he will call for Big daddy and when Big Daddy hears his master he gets a little crazy turning around in circles, wagging his tail and snorting. It is truly funny to see this go on. I hold the phone up so he can hear Tommy and talk back to him.  Tommy will ask him do you want to talk Big Daddy? and Big daddy will answer with a snort and a woof. When this first happen I couldn't believe it. And now it is truly sweet to see them getting close even if it has to be over the phone right now. ( Tommy is unable to travel right now due to they type of break to his leg but should be able to come home in April).

Big Daddy is doing well in his forever home; the first few day's were really scary for us because he is blind.  We really had to watch him very close so he didn't go down the stairs and get hurt. But now he knows the house and where the steps are so he stays away from them unless he  goes out to potty. He loves to sleep with us but he snores REALLY LOUD.  But, now he sleeps in his own bed in his masters room ( Tommy's room). My daughter will go in and get Big Daddy and put him in her bed with her. The funny thing about that is when he gets in her bed he won't go to sleep he will wait until Kayli is just about to sleep and he will get up in her face and start gnawing on her chin and breathing heavy until she gets up to play with him. But after a little playing he will just stop and go to sleep. When he wants to sleeps he sleeps and there is NO moving him. He is so lovable and sweet. I feel truly blessed that Big Daddy is apart of our family.


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