Dear KPR,

Today is the best day of my life! I just found my forever home. My wonderful foster mommy, Julie, hated to let me go, but my new mom and dad love me SOOO much! They knew right away that I was always meant to be with them. Someone who had me before didn't see my immeasurable worth and they caused my little eye to be hurt. But since KPR got a hold of me, I've been happy and loved. In my new home, I have a little fawn sister named Maypelle, and 7 cats to play with. Maypelle absolutely loves me- her tail is wagging constantly when she sees me. I'm blind, but it only took me a few minutes to figure out how to get around in my new house. I can go up the stairs, get up and down off the couch, and fend off Maypelle's playful advances quite well (she's a huge spaz, you know!) We even took our first mile-long walk today, all of my family together. My humans love me so much, they knew I was meant to be their pug the moment they saw me. I'm such a big, black, beautiful boy! Thank you KPR for finding me my forever home!


Brent Black (formerly Mac) Webb-Reynolds



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