This is Brutus a 8 year old male. He is my first dog. His story is that, after 3 years one of his owners developed allergies to him. So they gave him to the in-laws and they put him out side where I am guessing he was for 3 years. After being in foster care for a while, he came to live with me. After 6-8 months of looking at the KPR website I finally put in an application. Not wanting a puppy and having 2 geriatric cats (13 years old) I was looking for an older pug. Brutus was recommended and I have been so happy with him. He has changed my life and I am made new friends through having a pug. He has brought so much joy and love to our home. He ignores the cats. He is such a happy little guy and seems to look forward to everything. He loves stuffed animals and especially his blue and brown teddy bear, Rupert. He loves car rides and walks. I donʼt understand why anyone would put him out side he is such a pleasure to have around. I canʼt imagine life without Brutus. If you want to catch up on his life visit his blog at .






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