Bubba is great! He is a wonderful addition to our family. He has taken away the pain of losing Echo and given us such joy and laughter. He is so sweet. I have been trying to fatten him up, but he is so playful (all boy) that he burns it all off. haha. He gets can food and dry, also  chewies and he loves bones. Lots of bones. When I come home from the store he sticks his head in the bag to find his new bone.

Thank-you so much for finding him for me!!! He melts my heart. I sent a picture of him and one of Sal with a bone. Please share this with Trudy and tell her he's doing wonderful. We love him so very much. He and Sal get along great, like best buds and he sleeps with me every night. He puts his head in my neck under my chin and falls alsleep. He is such a snuggle bug.

Thanks. Pug hugs & kisses


And here's Sal with his bone.


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