Sometime last year, my boyfriend and I were discussing getting a second dog. The only way Bill would agree was if we would get a pug, because he had one as a child. I was reluctant (I am not a small dog person), but willing. So I started doing research into pugs. And the more I learned, the less excited I was, honestly. I read about shedding, snoring, and infected nose wrinkles. Bill agreed that these would be his problems. And I came to terms with the fact that I can never say no to an animal.

So I started looking for rescues. Within 3 months, I was pretty discouraged. No one seemed to have any available dogs, and some rescues just never got back to me at all. Bill kept insisting that things would work out, but I was getting frustrated. Bill turned out to be right. In January, I got a call from Trudy, who passed me along to Kristy, foster mom of Doug the Pug. And then, on top of standard pug issues, I heard about the dog who'd been through three home, who was vision impaired, cranky, smelly and had been starved and abused. I had found our dog. After a very short discussion with Bill, we agreed to meet Doug and see if he could make it in our home.

Kristy and her husband drove over an hour to bring him to us (bless you both) and within 15 minutes, I was in love. Doug is now Cash (named after Johnny Cash, the Man in Black, who has also had a hard life and a droopy face), and is the best addition to our family we could have wished for. All dire warnings about his being temperamental were unnecessary. Cash gives us nothing but love, sleeping with us at night, greeting us when we come home, and sitting on our laps when we are on the couch. My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone at Kentuckinana Pug Rescue who made this possible, you have truly brought a great joy into our lives.

P.S. Just the other day, Bill said to me: "You know, the other animals love you, but Cash is truly devoted to you. As long as he's alive, you will have unconditional adoration." Thanks again!


Mary & Bill



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