Clara is settled in and is queen of the house. She is getting along great with 4 year old Corky who is a black pug female I have had since she was a puppy and she also is getting along well with her foster brother Woody (KPR 515). Clara is a wonderful older girl but she acts like a puppy when she is in the mood to. She likes to get into bed early in the evening although she can be convinced to go out one last time before humans normal bedtime. One of the cutest things she does is when she is sleepy and she needs her walking vest put on she will flop backwards onto her back and let you buckle it under her tummy from that position. When she isnt sleepy she will stand up and let you  put it on her. Her favorite thing besides dinner is getting a tummy rub. I am so grateful to the volunteers who rescued her from a shelter  in Tennessee and to Kat Mushkat who nursed her back to health as her foster mother. She is a real treasure. .



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