Just thought I should drop a quick line to my fellow pug mates and pals, I am very happy in my new home. I have been with my new mommy for almost 2 weeks and am being spoiled rotten. I still have my favorite man, though my fellow canine friend tried to maul it. I go for multiple walks daily (weather permitting) and am on a diet (about which I will never be thrilled. My mommy has been having some technical difficulties with her computer. She has taken some pictures of me, but has not been able to get them on the computer to share as of this date. She promised me to let you know she is going to work on it though. I better get off to bed now, but I will write more soon. Pug hugs to all of you who helped me, and all of you who help my pug friends daily.

Clifford Rodgers

P.S. Mommy Marla, if you see this, I wanted to send you a extra big pug hug for all you did for me, and for finding me my forever home. :)

Hello my fellow pug-mates,

I told you that my mommy was working on my pictures and she finally got them so here they are. I have several but knew I couldn't share them all so I picked 3 of my favorites. I keep trying to find my story on our site but cannot seem to locate it as of yet. One picture is me smiling...I am such a happy boy, and am I adorable or am I adorable!!!  Another is of me suckling my favorite man which my mommy salvaged because my canine roomie tried to maul it, and the other is my favorite...it is me with my mommy. I love her so and am happy to be here  with her. I only wish I could have more biscuits but she says I am on a strict diet. I love to eat though. Well, I guess I should work on a nap now, I just came in from the cold (we went for a quick walk before the weather got to bad). Again, I want to send pug hugs and kisses to mommy Marla, and the rest of you for making my life such a great one. Love to all...Clifford.

Have a great day!!!



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