After adopting Goumo, our first pug, from the Humane Society, we decided we wanted another pug. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get a pug from the Humane Society. So we did some research and found the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue. On their website, we found out about the PugPalooza and knew Goumo would enjoy it. There, they had a play pen filled with pugs. In the play pen, there was a dog named Tootsie (renamed Cookie) that we instantly fell in love with even though she only had one eye. That day we adopted her.
She is adjusting well. When we first got her, she was afraid to go outside in fear that she would not be allowed back after living outside for a year. We believe she may have been starved before because at every meal, she eats like it's her last (meal). If your looking into adopting a pug, you've come to the right place.



Kentuckiana Pug Rescue PO Box 2773 Indianapolis, IN 46206 877-784-7988