For years I have regularly checked in with KPR just to see the adoption stories and available puggies. Having two boys of my own, pug boys that is, I never really thought I would need to adopt. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I was forced to part company with my boys and found myself coming home to an empty house every night. That's when I went to the KPR  website and did something I'd never done - I submitted my adoption application. To my surprise, almost immediately April emailed me to set up my home visit.

After the visit, the same night, April called me back and told me about a little guy named Elvis. I had stated that I would actually prefer a special needs pug, since both my babies were special needs from birth. Elvis had some vision problems and a UTI causing him to wear a belly bad -a very snazzy one I may add! He sounded like the perfect addition to our home.  We made all the arrangements and a week later I found myself on my way to  pick up my baby!

I was so excited and it felt like Karen and Stacy would never get there! But when they did and I saw him hop out of the car on his stylish blue leash and collar, courtesy of his foster mom, it was love at first sight. I never dreamed we would click so well, but we compliment each other in so many ways. From taking weekend catnaps, playing in the snow with our new doggie boots and getting visits from family and friends, we are a great pair.

We went last night and got our pictures done with Santa at Petsmart, and the attention we got? TONS! And he loved it every bit! Now that we have been brought together I cannot imagine being apart from him. I look forward to spending many more years, wet kisses and pug hugs with my baby Elvis, Elvis as he has come to be called around the house. I'll be sending pics soon, and by the way he has gained some weight and is eating great! He now weighs close to 22 pounds!

Thank you April and KPR!!!!



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