Essie came to live at the Potter-Kirk Pug Pavilion All-Stars in March 2001. I previously lost my precious Pugs Bunny Foo Foo in January of the same year. Popeye, my handsome boy pug, and I were missing Bunny terribly but knew it was time to bring another pug baby into our lives. But who and from where? I wanted to adopt from either a humane society or pug rescue. My best friend Pam discovered Kentuckiana Pug Rescue. I didn’t have a computer at the time, so Pam would print out the available pug babies for me to see. I didn’t see that special look, the eyes that were calling me to be hers, until I saw Essie. It only took seconds to know that Essie was meant to be my little girl! I couldn’t fill out my application fast enough and send it in the mail. I thought it would be a while before I heard from KPR, but within 2 or 3 days after mailing my application, I got a call from Jen to set up a home visit. Aagghh! My house was a mess! I didn’t want a messy house to ruin my chances of adopting Essie. Popeye needed a companion. He was so sad since the passing of Bunny. Well, as you can tell, my home passed inspection and Popeye and I were very excited! Essie was an owner surrender due to her severe allergy problems. When blood tested for allergies, Essie was allergic to over 27 different things, not including some foods! She is on cyclosporine for her dry eye, a special diet, and monthly allergy injections. She is high maintenance, but seeing Popeye spring back from sadness and witnessing a bond between the two… she is well worth it! I believe my Bunny led Popeye and me to find our Essie girl. She has made us both happy again.

Essie’s mom, Nan



Kentuckiana Pug Rescue • PO Box 2773 • Indianapolis, IN 46206 • • 877-784-7988