Here are two pictures of Frank and Suzie and Susie and Mimi. Everyone is well. Pugs are getting adjusted to the routine, with a few minor incidents of potty training "oops" times. I just think they have absolutely no idea that going inside the house is bad, so I just ignore it and take them out a lot when they are in the house. They sleep in the crate and do OK with that (but don't like to go in the crate!). Funny, but they will walk straight into the crate on days when it is cold and rainy out!

They are great with the kids and with our big dog Mimi. They sure do play rough, and I dare anyone to say that pugs are wimpy dogs! I'm glad I got two, because Frank and Suzie really care for each other and it's so sweet to watch how they show their love for each other. We are all part of their family now, and they live for laying on the couch on top of anyone who will sit still long enough. We even had relatives over and they both were very social and interactive immediately.

When I tell people about Frank and Suzie, I also say how great you all are at the Pug rescue and how fast you worked to get the adoption process started. It really is the fastest rescue organization in dogs and horses I have seen. I think you take your pugs very seriously! Thanks again for everything,

Michal Rasmussen



Kentuckiana Pug Rescue PO Box 2773 Indianapolis, IN 46206 877-784-7988