Fuji came to us on a beautiful afternoon in October of 2002. When we first met Fuji, he was thin and hyperactive. We learned that he spent most of his time in a crate due to “behavior problems.” We were told he was aggressive toward people and other dogs. With just one look at him, we knew these terrible things could not be true. Fuji’s first night at our home was a difficult experience. He was unsure about his new environment, and we were worried about his behavior. We stuck it out because we knew Fuji deserved a chance to prove himself a wonderful dog.

Four months have passed since we brought Fuji home. We have given him the love and attention he deserves and in turn, he has warmed our hearts and brought us great joy. We have worked on any so-called “behavior problems” by socializing Fuji to other dogs and completing obedience training. He has a new lease on life with free-range of the house while we are gone during the day. We take Fuji everywhere we go. He loves long walks in the park and playing chase around the house. He loves to be in our laps and always wants to be by our side. He loves to eat, to sleep under the covers, and to wear handsome sweaters when it’s cold. Fuji is a sweet and loving boy who just needed attention and love. We are so glad we brought Fuji home with us that beautiful fall day, and we know he is forever grateful that we did.



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